Values and Beliefs

There are only so many hours in every day.
In business, we believe in playing to our strengths, rather than trying to improve our weaknesses, so that we can make the most of our time.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We believe it takes a village to run a business too. So many people bury themselves in work trying to do it all, trying to get better at their weaknesses, to be everything to everyone. And even with tons of effort, dozens of hours spent trying to improve, we’re still mediocre at that one task. Maybe it’s management, accounting, programming, website stuff, coaching development, planning community events, running social media accounts, you name it.

We believe that when you’re part of a team, focusing on your weaknesses is a great way to lose a lot of time and energy. Instead, we want to optimize our work time so that we can maximize our fun time. To make the most of our day, we hone in on what we’re good at and then bring other people onto the team to round out our weaknesses.

We’re good at writing session plans and developing coaches, so that’s what we do. We offer other people the option to outsource that to us so they can focus on their strengths and give their time and energy to things they enjoy.

Our mission is to change lives.
We believe every affiliate worldwide is a potential beacon of light in a sea of misinformation on health and fitness.

Not only do affiliates offer some of the best information available, but they do so in a setting that is truly unique, with a delivery mechanism that is so simple it’s brilliant — genuine human interaction. This interaction allows people who have never thought they wanted to be fit realize its importance.

We’re talking about changing lives. Coaches are the cornerstone of this change, without them, affiliates might as well just be a garage gym with a bar and set of bumper plates.

The truly successful and self-motivated are few and far between. Warmup & Workout exists to support every coach we can so they can offer the best version of themselves to every member they meet. The better coaches are, the more likely their members will insist that their friends come and train at their gym, leading to a snowball of success. Success for the affiliate and success of our global mission of helping steer as many people as possible away from decrepitude and sickness toward fitness and health.

This is our mission: To take coaches from good to great, to build healthier communities, and to keep people fit for life.

Coaching is what you’re selling.
We believe the success of a facility depends on the coaching, not the programming.

Great coaching is what sets a facility apart. It’s the ultimate differentiator. As coaches and coaching developers, we know that successful gyms are built on the backs of good coaches, who create amazing communities, so we want to support those ecosystems by giving coaches the tools they need to level-up their game.

We believe giving coaches a plan is the first step to executing a stellar class, and one of many steps in becoming an amazing coach. We believe this because it’s been our personal experience at every single gym we have run or been a part of. Coaches need a clear plan of attack. Which is why we thought, hey let’s remove the guesswork and give our team full session plans so that everyone has the same roadmap. Coaches no longer have to make things up on the fly, or worry about the quality of programming they’re delivering, because our session plans are complete and carefully plotted but also leave enough room for everyone to have some fun, get creative and put their own personality into the sessions.

Lifelong learning leads to mastery.
We are passionate about striving, learning and improving as coaches. There will always be more to learn. Ideas and facts are always evolving.

We write session plans to be used as a coaching development tool. They are not just programming. They are study guides.

As coaches read through the plans, they learn new ways to teach movements, they are forced beyond their comfort zones, they are stripped of their default substitutions and scales, they are challenged to coach differently. We give coaches the focus, the “why,” scales that preserve the stimulus, goals for each skill level, details, video demonstrations of movements, explanations, and briefs.

The plans can be skimmed (for part-time coaches), but they’re really for coaches who are happy to put some time in studying them. It’s meant to be a more active, self-motivated experience. You get back what you put in.

We operate on the assumption that everyone who coaches cares about their people, and that all coaches want to improve themselves so that they can be more effective and elicit more positive change in everyone they meet.

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Non-biased Programming

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Written for Coaches

Session planning is more than just programming. Each plan includes coaching tips and strategies, the “why” behind the workout, scales and so on. These plans are meant to be used as a coaching development tool. Read more…