Fitness for everyone, for life. Powered by coaches skilled at communication, emotional intelligence, and village-building. Rooted in a culture of generosity, resiliency, and a “leave your ego at the door” humility.⁠
We Believe You Can Change Your Life and the World Through CrossFit

Movement is medicine, and it has the power to change people’s lives from the ground up: people experiencing physical transformations they believed to be impossible, finally having the courage and confidence to take the risks and go for their dreams, finding it easier to be more loving to themselves and others, the list goes on.

We’ve witnessed incredible transformations as people chase difficulty, push up against and past their edges, and effectively unlearn all the unhelpful beliefs they’ve been carrying about themselves, other people and the world around them.

We believe every affiliate worldwide is a potential beacon of light in a sea of misinformation on health and fitness.

Not only do affiliates offer some of the best information available, but they do so in a setting that is truly unique, with a delivery mechanism that is so simple it’s brilliant — genuine human interaction. This interaction allows people who have never thought they wanted to be fit or could be fit, realize what their body is actually capable of doing. What they are capable of doing.

We’re talking about rewriting stories, shifting beliefs, and changing lives. And it starts with the individual. When we create a new reality for one person, we can change the whole thing. Because we’re all connected in a weird, whacky web that is far too complex for our little brains to riddle out.

This is our mission: We want to create a world filled with powerful, resilient humans who feel good, have strong relationships, and love life.

In the sections below, we go into more detail about how we plan to deliver on this mission and how our strategies benefit gym owners and fitness communities.

Ease, Freedom and Choice

If you want to be part of what we’re doing, we're here, sitting at the table, waiting to welcome anyone with a shared vision.

The simple fact is: Price is a barrier to entry. But it’s not the right barrier to entry for us. We hope to transform the barrier to entry from price/cost to a different type of buy-in — similar values, a shared why, and a compatible mission. Meaning, we want to work with others who share our purpose: Fitness for everyone, for life. Powered by coaches skilled at communication, emotional intelligence, and village-building. Rooted in a culture of generosity, resiliency, and a “leave your ego at the door” humility.

If you’re our people, we want you at the table.

For us, this is about the long game, the mission.

We want more gyms to get on the GPP train.

More gyms warming up properly.

We need more facilities dedicated to resiliency, more coaches who encourage people to chase difficulty. Because running a business is hard, being a parent is hard, being a caretaker to your parents is hard, and we could keep adding to this list all the other difficult things we’re expected to do as humans. Hard things are part of life, and we want to train people to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the good and tough times.

Our Choose a Fair Price payment structure gives gym owners the freedom to decide what they pay every month for our Gym Program.

Our very detailed session plans (which include videos, scales, subs, the intention, coach notes, etc.) make life easier on gym owners and coaches by giving them everything they need to deliver a fantastic class. The plans also save gym owners and coaches a lot of time, which means they have the freedom to give more of their energy or life to their loved ones and the activities that make them feel invigorated and recharged.

We see it like this: Time is not money. You can always earn more money, but you cannot earn, buy, hustle-for, or borrow more time.

You can see a 1-day session plan preview here (no info required) if you’re curious about the level of detail in our plans.

Fitness For Life, For Everyone

We believe CrossFit works.

The CrossFit where you can’t run or hide from your weaknesses because…variance. Where you don’t get to touch the barbell every day, sometimes you run a 5k.

CrossFit says to: Practice and train major lifts — deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Master the basics of gymnastics — pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. And then, bike, run, swim, row, etc., hard and fast. Mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy.

We are a fitness-biased, GPP, gen-you-whine CrossFit program.

Which is about health. Better sleep. Getting off some of the meds. Feeling better and more powerful in your body. Pushing up against those physical and psychological barriers. Connecting with other people. Maybe living longer. And certainly, loving yourself and living your best life.

By practicing intelligent variance, and not overworking any movement patterns, we keep your members safe, moving, and progressing.

We want your members to PR their box jump in their 50s, run around with their grandkids in their 60s, and cartwheel into their 70s. Feeling playful, inspired and vibrant until the very end.

That’s what fitness should give you: The confidence and capacity to live a full life.

Our commitment to variance and fitness-biased programming means that we’re not overworking people to the point where they’re too exhausted to frequently show up to the gym. When people feel invigorated and restored, they’re more likely to keep walking through your doors, deeply connect with your community, and get fit enough to have the life they want.

Show people the love, meet their needs, solve their problems, and watch as your pool of lifelong members continues to expand.

Purposeful, Meaningful Training

Imagine a world filled with healthy people who feel powerful in their bodies. Together, we can help people see beyond the goals they think they want — the ones rooted in shame and hustling for worthiness — and help them get clear on what it is they truly want from fitness and life. In other words, let’s drop external validation at the door, and go inwards, to our bones, to our very foundations, and dream up more nourishing stories about what’s possible for us and what’s meaningful to us.

Not just because it’s trendy or “woke” -- but because when humans feel connected to their goals, when their goals are aligned with their values and deepest desires, when their goals are meaningful and purposeful to them, they show up ready to do the challenging work. And they show up regularly.

To offer such an incredible service to members or clients, we need skilled coaches.

In all our session plans (in the Gym Program), you’ll see a section called “For Further Study.” This is where we push coaches for growth beyond technical or mechanical knowledge because, for us, coaching isn’t just about fitness. In this section of the plans, you’ll find articles and videos on conflict resolution, communication, empathy, emotional intelligence, etc. It’s where we ask coaches to expand or challenge their reality, their way of thinking and seeing, so they may contribute to their clients’ lives in a meaningful way beyond fitness.

In our session plans, we also include the intention of the workout so that coaches can clearly communicate the reason or “why” behind the session to clients. With 10 years of session planning and coaching development experience, and over 14 years of coaching experience, we’ve found that coaches and clients both really appreciate being informed about the process. It gives people peace-of-mind, order and respect, and can make them feel motivated and confident about where things are going and what they’re doing.

Connection and Belonging

Belonging, community, consideration, friendship — these are things we need as social beings. As gyms, we have the opportunity to build community hubs, providing locals with spaces where people can unlearn and learn together, alongside others who value continuous improvement and growth. Everyone is hungry for communion, and as gyms, we have the opportunity to feed and nourish our villages.

For gym owners, we give you the community, care and support you need with our private Facebook group and direct access to us, Pat and Taz. We are not just the faces of the company — we are the people you call when you need to talk about something, we’re the ones directly answering help tickets or responding to Facebook group posts. You’ll also have the support of gyms from all over the world in our private Facebook group who often ask and respond to questions and continually give to each other. We share in the struggles and celebrate the good stuff together.

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CrossFit Works

We believe a true CrossFit (aka fitness-biased) program is the best way to improve your ability across all areas of fitness — speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, power, coordination, and so on. Would you like to know why we don't follow the strength + metcon model or use biased programming? Read more...

Coaches Make Or Break It

Excellent coaching is your secret sauce. Which is why we use session plans to level up coaches around the world — it's way more than just programming. Each plan includes coaching tips and strategies, the “why” behind the workout, scales and so on. These plans are meant to be used as a coaching development tool. Read more…