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Pat Barber

Back in 2003, I was working as a room service attendant at a Santa Cruz hotel and deciding what to do with myself. I decided to apply to be a sheriff, however at the same time, I was also getting pretty pumped about this workout thing I was doing called CrossFit. Later, I would fail the oral interview portion of the sheriff’s exam because they thought I was more interested in CrossFit than joining the police force. I was bummed and stunned at the time but in retrospect, I think they were right.

My real journey with CrossFit began shortly after that when I got hired to work for filming and editing video. I would later make my way from behind the camera to in front of it, coaching, and training in many of the early videos. In 2008, at the Aromas Ranch, I competed in my first CrossFit Games. Since then, I’ve competed in the Games 6 times, helped my wife run the first CrossFit affiliate in New Zealand, and returned to the States to help Jason Khalipa grow and lead the NorCal empire. I have also continued to train and develop coaches for NorCal CrossFit and as part of the L1 and L2 staff for; in fact, I’ve helped about 15,000 people through their CrossFit L1’s over the past several years.

So, as you can see, my experiences with CrossFit have been varied… a little of this and a little of that… I’m an athlete, a Level 4 Coach, a media guy, and the Head of Coaching Development at Norcal CrossFit.

I’m also a husband and father who loves surfing, Magic: The Gathering, potato chips and hanging with my boy in his Batman fort. I do not love L-Sits. Or cooked lemons.

Coaching and Accreditation History
CrossFit Level 1,2,3,4
CrossFit Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Kids, Endurance, Spear
CrossFit Staff on both Level 1 and Level 2
Coach at CrossFit Santa Cruz
Coach at CrossFit New Zealand
Coach/Operator at NorCal CrossFit San Jose
Head of Coaches Development at NorCal CrossFit

CrossFit Games Competition History
2008 CrossFit Games Individual 4th Place
2009 CrossFit Games Individual 36th Place
2010 CrossFit Games Team CrossFit New Zealand 21st Place
2011 CrossFit Games Individual 8th Place
2014 CrossFit Games Team NorCal 5th place
2015 CrossFit Games Team Norcal 10th place

Taz Barber

Growing up, I was the kid who played every sport my school offered. You could say fitness was my life. Then in 2007, a fellow sports-science-geek stumbled across a few CrossFit videos online and coerced me into giving it a try. We did the workouts on our own at a gym and thought the whole thing was really silly.

But somehow we kept coming back to it. At the time, I was following sports-specific training for sprint kayaking, but I threw in some CrossFit as an experiment. I got stronger in those first 3 months than I had in the previous 4 years of regular strength training, so… I was hooked. A few months later, my friend and I opened the very first CrossFit affiliate in New Zealand.

Seven years later, I’m co-leading the Coaches Development Program at NorCal CrossFit with my hubby Pat, as well as coaching, writing programming and running a few affiliates. Im also a wife and mom who enjoys cooking, gardening and playing in the ocean with my son Oakes.

Coaching and Accreditation History
CrossFit Level 1 Coach
BSc in Sport Science – University of Auckland
BA in Psychology – University of Auckland
Owner and Coach at CrossFit New Zealand (est. 2008)
Level 1 Seminar Staff team
Coach/Operator at NorCal CrossFit San Jose
Co-Head of Coaches Development at NorCal CrossFit

CrossFit Games Competition History
2009 Australasian CrossFit Games 1st Place
2009 World CrossFit Games Team CFNZ
2010 World CrossFit Games Team CFNZ
2014 CrossFit Games Team Norcal 5th Place


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