Olympic Lifting Program

A weightlifting technique and strength program designed to increase proficiency and load for all athletes. Written by Chad Vaughn.

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These 60-min and 90-min skill sessions are designed to increase proficiency in the Olympic lifts. Includes a 1:1 call with Chad Vaughn.

What you get in every session plan
1:1 Consult

One of the bonuses with these programs is a 1:1 call with Chad where he'll help you troubleshoot some of the big mistakes he's seen gyms make with Oly programs, answer your questions on how to set up a thriving barbell program, and help you make this a success at your gym.


The warmups are designed to increase (for that specific day) and improve (for the purpose of insurance, health, and longevity) range of motion for the end range and quality demands of the Olympic lifts, and include the assistant exercises that benefit them. The workout section focuses on positional awareness and strength and implements the concept of progression toward the full movements within the day and through the weeks.


With every plan there will be quick instruction and reminders written within the workout, and demo videos that include cues/guidelines within and/or detailed teaching of the specific movement in the description section below the video.


Athletes will build a foundation through developing mobility, positional awareness, and strength that will enable them to handle greater loads, as well as maintain technique and quality through fatigue in WODs.


This program is built for any athlete serious about changing any necessary mobility limitations and/or movement patterns to get better at the highly technical demands of the Olympic lifts.


Athletes will be given an additional 60-90 min of training volume, 1-2 days/week in an effort to meet the demands of moving a barbell as effectively and efficiently as possible, whether they want to use these skills to improve their overall fitness abilities, or compete in a weightlifting competition.

The Two Programs
You can choose between a 12-Week Program or 16-Week Program

12 Weeks
The 12-Week Program gives you 2 plans per week (for a total of 24 plans). This program is for affiliates who have a group of members more committed to developing their Oly skills. It's the difference between showing up 1 day a week to train Oly lifts vs. 2 days a week (in addition to normal CrossFit classes). The extra practice gives you faster results. This option is a good fit for gyms who have a successful weightlifting class already, or who have a group of athletes who are more weightlifting focused. Generally, these folks use CrossFit to round out their total fitness but want to spend the majority of their time developing their weightlifting skills.

16 Weeks
The 16-Week Program gives you 1 plan per week (for a total of 16 plans). It's more appropriate for gyms who don't have an established or thriving weightlifting class yet, or who have a group of people who can commit to training only 1 day a week. This is a great option for supplementing regular CrossFit workouts, especially for those who always want more barbell.

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What You Can Expect
Flexibility and freedom

Every plan is designed for 60-min classes but has "Extra Work" at the end for affiliates who have opted to run 90-min classes. Which means you have the freedom to run either program (the 12-Week or 16-Week) as 60-min or 90-min sessions. You can also run 60-min classes but give the "Extra Work" to a select few athletes (instead of making everyone commit to a 90-min class every week).

A happier, more united community

Is a specialty weightlifting program necessary to get fit? No. These things only matter when someone wants to compete in a weightlifting competition or when someone has a love for the Olympic lifts and enjoys doing them more often. When you give your gym a weightlifting program to follow, those are the two types of people who will join: the people who want to do well at a weightlifting competition and the people who love the extra strength work and repetitions with the barbell. As for your entire community, not everyone wants a strength-biased program, so a barbell program can help you satisfy the needs of everyone by giving your lifters a place to lift and keeping the general program more varied. This way, you’re not alienating the members who don’t want to lift, which is to say that this program is a great way to meet the needs of your lifters, without making your whole community follow a strength-biased program. Of course, the members who don’t want to join a barbell club will still enjoy rooting the weightlifters on and talking with them about the extra training they’re doing.

Confidence in the programming

Chad is a renowned weightlifter, competing in the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008, as well as winning the Gold Medal at the 2003 Pan American Games, and winning the USA National Championships 9 times. On top of that, Chad has been leading weightlifting classes in the fitness community and has been a consistent, trusted information source since 2010. He is one of the best at what he does, and perfect for this task specifically because he has been teaching weightlifting and programming with the demands of fitness as a whole in mind since becoming a coach. Let him worry about how to program extra mobility, skill, and strength work for the Olympic lifts, so you can focus on coaching the program.

Stronger, more efficient athletes

Your weightlifting athletes are going to see gains upon gains. And not in just the amount of weight they can lift. We are going to improve their mobility and technique with the goal of getting them to move like elite weightlifters, while also allowing for adequate recovery time so they can give workouts 100% effort.


This program is a great way to meet the needs of your lifters, without making your whole community follow a strength-biased program.

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