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A non-biased program that will keep your members fit for decades to come. Written by coaches for coaches.
So that you can level-up your athletes and coaches in one swoop.

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We believe giving coaches a plan is the first step to executing a stellar class, and one of many steps in becoming an amazing coach. Successful gyms are built on the backs of good coaches, who create amazing communities, and we want to support that ecosystem by giving you tools that will help elevate and support your team.

What you get in every session plan

We give you the workout goals for each skill level and the “why” behind the workout, along with the best class management strategies and coaching tips for that specific day, such as what the stimulus of the day is and how to preserve it, how to best flow between movements, how to pace, etc.


Each warmup builds to the workout and is written specifically for the day’s session. Its purpose is not only to prime your body for intense work, it’s also where you practice movements, refine skills, and build those neurological pathways that are so important to overall fitness.


The workout prep section gives everyone time to review the movements in the workout to determine scales or substitutions. There’s also focused time to practice technique, skills (such as double-unders, muscle-ups, etc.) or loading schemes. This lower intensity work means more coaching and more time for practicing and learning new skills.


We give your members three workout options (Competitor, Rxd, Fitness) to choose between every day so that everyone, from beginner athlete to seasoned athlete, is challenged appropriately. Some session plans also include warm downs or mobility suggestions for after the workout.


Every section of a session plan includes time breakdowns that tell you roughly how long each piece should take so that your coaches stay on-schedule. These session plans are written for 60-minute classes.


We have a growing library of movement demonstrations videos. You’ll find links in each session plan that open up videos within your dashboard so that you can quickly and easily see what a movement is and how we would coach it.

We want to keep your members fit for life.
And we believe a non-biased program is the best way to do that.

CrossFit prides itself on the fact that its athletes train and prepare for the unexpected:

“Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.”
– Greg Glassman

And we believe a GPP program is the best way to do that. GPP is short for general physical preparedness, and it is used to improve your ability across all areas of fitness — speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, power, coordination, and so on. It is the opposite of SPP, or specific physical preparedness, which is used to increase your capacity in one area of fitness.

GPP is non-biased, or not biased toward one skill or area of fitness, such as strength or gymnastics. SPP is biased, with its programming predominantly built around one area. Programming that includes a strength piece before a metcon every day is biased toward strength.

The problem with biased programming is that you end up “specializing” in whatever you decide to train. And when you specialize in one area, you lose capacity in others. For instance, if you are too good at strength, you will probably have limited cardio ability (and vice versa). That’s the problem with a strength-biased program. You can get really strong, but your focus on strength sacrifices other skills, such as speed, endurance or coordination.

For the general public, who is not competing in any sport, GPP is by far the best option because the goal is to be more fit for life, meaning the focus is on decades of fitness, not just this year or next year.

Want to dive into the details of why we believe in non-biased programming? Read more here…

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What our members have to say
Read the stories of our members, many of which have switched from strength-biased programming.
  • “I would just like to say thank you for your amazingly detailed programming. We are just heading into our 6th year of affiliation, and this is the first time we have ever outsourced programming. Before I had always seen it as cheating and I assumed I had to program to be a good coach. I was nervous about what the members would think when we told them.

    BUT!!! Since we signed up with Warmup & Workout at the beginning of 2016: Our membership has doubled. We have hired a new full-time coach. We have time to focus on coaching instead of programming. We have become better coaches, as we are coaching classes that take us out of our comfort zone. And my husband and I have a little more time together to spend with our family. It has been a massive success, and we would like to thank you for making our lives a lot easier and our members happier.”

  • “I just wanted to share some data with you. We’ve been using WUWO since April. We took a little heat when we went from what we had been doing, which was strength + metcon or the occasional skill + metcon, to the traditional CrossFit model that is WUWO.

    Over the last two days, I believe we completely silenced the critics. On Tuesday, of 20 athletes with previous Annie times, 19 PR’d. On Wednesday, of 68 athletes that came through our doors (roughly a third of our membership), 66 set a 1 rep max if they had not previously recorded one (brand new members) or PR’d. Myself included with a 5lb lifetime PR of 420. This is a mix of new athletes and athletes that have been with us since we started in our garage a little over two years ago. Thank you again for the awesome service you provide.”

  • “I really love the programming. I’m hitting lifts I used to hit when I was doing much more strength-biased work. A testament to the efficacy of a solid GPP program.”
  • “I’m a biased-program coach, so for the 7 years I’ve been programming, I totally went against what they teach us in the L1. I never did mono days or gymnastics days. I love lifting heavy and slow, and frankly, CrossFit hurts, running sucks and gymnastics progressions are slow and boring. So I program the way I workout. I totally missed the chance to develop well-rounded humans.

    At first, I was worried. The meatheads in the gym grumbled because we were following a non-biased program. I had no idea that I was actually injuring people — barbells every day, squats 2x a week, Olympic lifts… The general public doesn’t need that, and class, the way you program it, is healthy long-term and FUN. Now my clients love it. Injuries went way down. And people feel better. I’ll never switch.”

  • “I have to admit that when I first opened in 2011, I tried to fit as much as possible into each class, as this is the way it had been in my old box. It was a fear of mine when I first signed up for your programming. What I realise now, after also completing the Level 2, is that it was too much.

    Programming strength and a metcon left little time for an appropriate warm up and little time for coaching. Using your programming and what I learned at the Level 2 has brought a whole new feeling to the box. Our members are learning new skills and getting stronger and moving better because we have the time to coach them during the warm-up and workout prep. Our membership still continues to grow, and our athletes are happy.

    I even said to my partner last night that I do not know how we fit strength and a metcon in before. It was crazy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Taz for the programming. It has saved us lots of time to focus on training new coaches and building the business.”

  • “The programming has been on point. I have made some considerable gains since starting a few months ago. My front squat 1RM is up to 355, triple at 325 with my previous 1RM being at 305. I’ve made some considerable improvements with my shoulder stability and strength even with torn labrums. Squat snatch was only at 170 but has since gone up to 205. I really appreciate your help. You guys have been awesome.”
  • “We have been in business for nearly 9 years, and programming has always been the thorn in our side. Our programming has certainly been progressive, but so has the time dedication. WUWO came directly off the heels of our Level 2 Certification. Our change of coaching style blended seamlessly with our new programming.

    Having a complete daily syllabus to follow takes all the logistics out of our hands. We simply execute! A piece of the puzzle we didn’t see coming is the ease of mind knowing that our athletes are taken care of when we aren’t coaching ourselves. We train our coaches to follow the daily syllabus with precision, adding their flair, knowledge, and energy. This has created an entirely different atmosphere.

    The response from our athletes has been all positive. They are enjoying the warm ups and mobility. The WOD’s have more focus, so athletes have increased their intensity without sacrificing form. As a small business, paying for programming has never been in the cards. Making the decision to go with WUWO has been a great decision. The time that was dedicated to programming each month can now be divided into coaching energy and personal time.”

Frequently asked questions

Who this program is for —
You will get the most from this program if you use it as a coaching development tool. Session plans are much more detailed than typical programming. With every plan, your coaches get: scales, substitutions, modifications, goals for each skill level, coaching tips and strategies, the “why” behind the workout and time breakdowns.

Each plan is a complete roadmap for coaching a class. In other words: This is not just programming. You can find programming for free all over the internet that will save you time and money. This platform is a coaching development tool that also gives you programming.

We believe successful gyms are built on the backs of good coaches who create amazing communities, and we want to support that ecosystem by giving facilities the tools they need to elevate their team. So our number one priority is to develop coaches.

Who this program is NOT for —
This program is not for people who want to outsource their programming so they can automate their facility or step away from the goings on of their facility. Yes, our program can be a major time-saving tool for people who don’t want to spend hours programming anymore, but we don’t want you to think of this program that way because using our session plans is a more active experience. We expect coaches to use them as study guides and owners to use them as a way to level-up their team.

Taz Barber is the session planner for the Gym Program. She’s been actively involved with CrossFit since 2009 as a competitor, gym owner, coach and coach developer. She opened the first CrossFit affiliate in New Zealand, she’s co-led coaching development programs responsible for 60+ coaches, she was on seminar staff (before becoming a mom) and she’s been actively writing session plans for facilities for over 8 years.

Taz also took the extra step of asking Performance Care RX (aka Active Life RX) to audit the programming. You might be familiar with their Bulletproof programs — Bulletproof Shoulders / Hips / Ankles / Etc. We partnered with them because their methodology centers around rehab and regaining functionality. When they look at our session plans, they analyze the ratios of how often members are squatting, hinging, carrying, pressing, pulling, going ground to shoulder, or ground to overhead. They also look at planes of motion and joint loading.

A workout brief that gives you tips and strategies for coaching the workout, like what the stimulus of the day should be, the ‘why’ behind the workout, how to best flow between movements, how to scale or substitute movements, and what goals to set for every athlete (which is dependent on their fitness level).

A structured warmup. We believe a good warmup is coach-led and changes every day (along with the workout). Its purpose is not only to prime your body for intense work, it’s also where you practice movements, refine skills, and build those neurological pathways that are so important to overall fitness.

A workout prep section for detailed walkthroughs of the movements in the workout so that your clients can review each moving piece of the lifts/movements and determine scales or substitutions. Depending on the day, it could also include skill or technique work for the associated movements, or loading schemes to prepare for a heavy day. The aim of workout prep is to get a client prepped and doing the exact movements and weights they will find in the workout that day so they’re ready for 3-2-1-Go!

A workout with 3 levels of difficulty (Competitor, Rxd and Fitness) so that every athlete in a class, no matter how long they’ve been doing CrossFit or how fit they are, can get a quality workout that meets their needs and abilities.

Every section described above also includes time breakdowns that tell you roughly how long each piece should take so that your coaches stay on-schedule.

Some session plans also include warm downs or mobility suggestions. Occasionally, there’s an optional finisher or buyout.

This level is for de-conditioned athletes or newer athletes who have just come from a prep-course. We help coaches instruct athletes at this level by removing a lot of the complex, highly skill-based movements that might overwhelm members. The goal would be to eventually move athletes from this level into RX.

Of course, injured athletes are also a good fit for this level. You may still have to scale a few movements, depending on their injury, but being smart and focusing on proper mechanics will get them back to their desired level much faster.

Rxd – (Recommended)
For best results, this should be the top level for most of your athletes. This middle-tier is designed for the everyday athlete who wants to increase their fitness performance and do more than just “workout.” Like the Competitor category, their goal is to master their weaknesses and improve their numbers, whenever they’re in the gym. In other words, they don’t want to settle for just getting fit but they don’t want a sponsorship either.

For athletes who want to compete recreationally in the sport of CrossFit, this level will help you improve in all domains of the sport.

The Competitor scale is sport specific to the sport of CrossFit. This top tier is designed for athletes who want to compete in the sport of CrossFit at a Regional level. Their focus, every time they come into the gym, is on improving their numbers by mastering their weaknesses and refining their strengths. They take training sessions very seriously. This track is not for 99% of the people who will walk through your door.

This level is a good base to support any additional training program you are giving these athletes (like our Competitor Program), especially if they’re getting additional education on nutrition and recovery.

* There is a going to be a lot of grey area in between these levels. The coaches job each day will be to assess where people fit and do their best to give the members the intended stimulus. That very often will mean mix and matched scaling choices. Don’t force people to do exactly what is suggested. Be smart, get creative, and give each member what they need to improve.

The Competitor scale (the highest of the 3 scales we offer with each session plan) is a great base for competitors. But they will need to spend extra time on personal weaknesses and add a touch more volume to the overall program if they’re serious about competing.

We also offer a separate Competitor Program which is designed to be used in combination with this program for athletes who are performing 90% of their workouts at the Rxd or Competitor levels. Here’s how it works: Your athlete will attend the day’s regular class and also perform the workout from the Competitor Program. Sometimes the athlete will perform the competitor workout before regular class and sometimes they will perform it afterwards (and sometimes they will have stuff to do before and after the workout).

The Competitor Program can prepare athletes for competitions without splintering your community. A common problem is that a facility will have 5 athletes who want to compete in Regionals. Each of those athletes is following a separate online program and none of them are training in your classes. This makes it really difficult for coaches to keep up with what these athletes are doing, so it’s nearly impossible to know how their outside programming fits with the facility’s programming. This can hurt your whole community because if there are several individuals off to the side doing their own thing, a me-vs.-you or us-vs.-them vibe can happen, which can change the feeling of the facility.

By using the Competitor Program, you can meet the needs of your top-level athletes, keep track of what everyone is doing (as you have more control) and you use the program to offer more value to your community.

Many gyms run periodized strength programs or cycles. “We’re going to do an 8-week squat cycle, and when it’s all over we’re going to retest your 1RM.” This is linear programming.

WUWO is a non-linear program, meaning there are no true cycles. And here’s a few reasons why: Linear strength programs run at affiliates tend lift on specific days. For instance, a gym will program squats on Tues/Thurs. But what if a person can only come in on Mon, Wed, Fri? Well, they’ll miss the cycle entirely, or they’ll have to rework their regular workouts to get their squats in. Linear programming is designed to hit a specific lifting volume through the course of the program. They are scientifically designed to be as exact as possible to elicit a specific adaptation. What happens if you miss a day? Well the program become significantly less effective. Linear programs are great for competitors because you know exactly when they are training, everything they are doing and how the progress is going. But linear programs are marginally effective, at best, in an affiliate setting.

With a GPP program that doesn’t assign strength days to specific days of the week, you are hitting a bit of everything every month, allowing for slow gains over time rather than focusing on one thing at a time. Cycles of periodized programming are more for people who need to meet specific requirements for an event, like a competition. The problem with using cycles at affiliates is that you don’t know what days of the week your members are going to come in, or when new members are going to start.

A non-linear program is built with the understanding that some people have a specific set of days they can attend (because of work, kids, etc.) and others come in randomly. With so much variation, the possibilities are infinite. So our program’s aim is to cover all the lifts throughout the month, on different days of the week, so that no matter which days of the week you attend, you get a great stimulus. We also focus on skills that transfer to lifting, so even when we’re not lifting, we’re building strength, mobility, and flexibility in ways that help you see gains in strength.

Our program is not tailored to your facility because we believe a well-planned GPP program doesn’t have to be written specifically for one gym. A good GPP program will help every human improve, no matter their fitness level, injuries, goals or location on the planet. Every single person will improve from a varied program.

If you want a customized program, perhaps you could use our plans as a template (and massive time saver) that would allow you to change things up and tailor the program to your community, rather than treating us as an all-out replacement. This would still save you hours of time otherwise spent programming, but you could tweak the plans to fit your specific needs.

We believe that the customizations shouldn’t come at the programming level. The same GPP programming could be used across hundreds or thousands of facilities with great effect. The magic comes from the coaching. That’s where you personalize and custom tailor the experience.

Another thing to keep in mind is that any group selling you “customized” programming often isn’t telling you the whole truth. You are still receiving the same programming as dozens, or hundreds, of other gyms. They are merely funneling you into certain buckets (strength-heavy, gymnastics-heavy, endurance-heavy, GPP focused) with their other clients. And the problem with this is that facilities will often request that the program be a little biased toward the type of training their athletes like, or want, and need the least. The simple fact of training is that we all prefer to do the type of training we need the least. So if your athletes are requesting more lifting, that’s most likely what they’re already good at. Which means they don’t need to lift even more than they already do. They need to run. They need burpees. They need to practice gymnastics skills.

The only way to give your clients completely customized programming is to write it yourself. If you have the extra time and energy, get after it!

Our dose recommendation is usually 3-4 sessions per week for the new client, and 4-5 for the intermediate or advanced. Remember, rest/recovery days are crucial. The program is designed so that no matter how many classes your clients attend, they will always get a different/appropriate stimulus. For example, if someone attends Mon/Wed/Fri, they won’t always have a 20-min metcon on Monday and strength on Friday. After over 8 years of working with athletes who have varying schedules, we have found this to work really well. We have not seen it commonplace to have members attending 3-on, 1-off, etc. But if they would like to follow that schedule, that would be just fine.

Yes, we program classic CrossFit benchmarks throughout the year. We also theme a whole month around testing in our ‘Fitness Testing Month.’ For this, we’ve created custom benchmarks and a series of fitness tests that we program over the course of a month. Then we repeat the ‘Fitness Testing workouts’ four to six months later.
Yes! We have a growing video library of technique and movement demonstrations. You can browse all the videos from your member dashboard (after you sign up) or you can view specific videos directly from a session plan. For instance, if today’s session plan included “Bird Peckers,” that text would be linked and all you would need to do is click the link for a video box to come on the screen and demonstrate that movement. This makes it super fast and easy for you to see what a “Bird Pecker” is and how we would coach it.

Standard CrossFit gear is all you need. We rarely program Air Assault bikes, or other fancy toys, because most gyms don’t have them. On the occasion we program something you don’t have, use a sub with similar stimulus.

Here are a few sub recommendations:

Rope Climbs –> Inverted Rows; feet on a box and use one Ring to pull from or Towel Pullups.

Kettle Bells –> Dumbbells

Dumbbells –> Kettlebells

Rowing Machine, Air Assault, Ski Erg, and Running can all be used in place of each other.

Wall Ball –> Dumbbell, Barbell or Bumper Plate Thruster

Rings –> Pullup Bar work and Box Dips

Jump Rope or Plyo Box –> Plate Jumps or Standing Tuck Jumps

GHD Back or Hip Extensions –> Weighted Good Mornings or Stiff Legged Deadlifts

GHD Situp –> You can lie crosswise across a bench, with your feet hooked. Feet hooked inside one side of a giant tire or sub in weighted situps with no abmat.

You can give access to your coaches with our ‘Team Access’ feature, which will give them their own member dashboard where they can search through the calendar of session plans, watch videos, and access some other resources. (But they will not have access to your billing info or other admin settings.)

Yes! If you’re a member of Beyond the Whiteboard or SugarWOD, you don’t have to enter the workouts into those apps because we do that for you. This is a huge time-saver and makes things very easy on your end. Also, linking your BTWB/SugarWOD account with WUWO is a simple process that will take you less than five minutes.

For you wonderful Wodify, Zen Planner, etc., folks out there — we would love to integrate with those systems, but it’s not possible for us to do so right now. Their APIs don’t allow for a custom integration. But as soon as that changes, if it ever does, we’ll make an integration happen.

Yes, you can join a closed Facebook group of WUWO affiliates and gyms immediately after you sign up. Members ask questions, share tips and post helpful resources. And Pat and Taz film videos, host Q&As and share a lot of info in the group.
Session plans are released on the first of every month. You get all of the current month’s plans plus a preview of the first few days of next month.

If you sign up after the first of the month, you first payment will be prorated. Let’s say you sign up on the 15th, you will be charged for the 15th – 31st, and you will have access to only those days’ plans (15th – 31st). Then after your first month, you will pay the normal membership price on the 1st of each month.

If you want to wait until the first of the upcoming month, you can go ahead and purchase the program. In the checkout process, there’s an option to pre-purchase so that your membership will begin and your payment will be processed on the 1st of the upcoming month. This is a great option if you need a little time before you launch our program at your facility but you want to go ahead and get everything in order.

You can easily bundle the Gym Program with the two specialty club programs we currently offer: the Olympic Lifting Program and the Competitor Program.

Our Oly Program is for people who want to get better at the sport of Olympic Lifting, whereas our Competitor Program is for people who want to get better at the sport of CrossFit. In other words, the Oly Program looks to make people better lifters, and our Competitor Program looks to make people better competitors.

Another big difference between the two programs is that the Oly Program can be done as a stand alone program, but the Competitor Program cannot (it is only available as an add-on to our Gym Program). But keep in mind that even though the Oly Program can be a stand alone program, it is written to be combined with the Gym Program.

The Oly Program includes “Additional Work” for people who don’t follow our Gym Program so they still get the desired results. This program is 60-90 minutes of training volume 2-3 days a week.

With our Competitor Program, you must complete the Gym Program workout at the Rxd or Competitor levels and do the extra Competitor Program work to see the desired results. This program is 30-60 minutes of training volume 5 days a week.


Generally, humans prefer to do the type of training they need the least. Barbell lovers want daily strength work. Metcon lovers want that cardio. The aim of our program is to get your people more fit across ALL physical skills: respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Every month has a focus or theme

November 2017

In November, we tested members across the ten general physical skills — strength, power, flexibility, stamina, accuracy, agility, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, speed and balance — with our benchmark style workouts. These benchmarks are WUWO original creations.

December 2017

We’re getting festive in December with ’12 Days of Mobility’ and the ’12 Days of Christmas Workout.’ As we build up to the end of the month, we’ll add a new mobility piece to the warmups and cool downs (kinda like the ’12 Days of Christmas’ song).

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