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What You Get

We give you comprehensive session plans.
Which are blueprints for 60-minute sessions.


We’ve built a varied, non-specialized program that leads your members through a wide variety of movements, time domains, and rep schemes. The goal is to make your clients better at everything from strength to endurance.


We give your members three workout options (Competitor, Rxd, Fitness) to choose between every day so that everyone, from beginner athlete to seasoned athlete, is challenged appropriately.


When we say “warmup,” we mean everything before 3-2-1-Go! Each warmup builds to the workout and is written specifically for the day’s session so that your members’ muscles and joints are actually prepared for the work.


These coaching notes help you lay out the strategies for coaching the workout (like what the stimulus for the day should be, or how to best flow between movements).


A guide for how to get people ready for 3-2-1-Go! Depending on the day, it could be skill or technique work for the associated movements, or loading schemes to prepare for a heavy day.

Time Breakdowns

You get a time breakdown for each piece of a session plan so that you have a rough idea of how long everything should take. These are designed for 60-minute sessions.

See how it works.



A lot of other programs out there are strength-focused, catering their programming to people more interested in olympic lifting. That’s fine, but functional fitness isn’t just olympic lifting. In fact, the entire point of fitness is to be competent across a variety of domains — to be more efficient, more adaptive, and less specialized. A true GPP program will make your members perform a wide variety of movements, time domains, and rep schemes so that they see improvements in everything from endurance to strength.

Strength-heavy programming is not for the masses, or for people whose primary concern is to be functionally fit. So if you’re only catering to people obsessed with strength, you’re neglecting, even alienating, members who care more about GPP.

Something to keep in mind is that you can always add a strength program on top of GPP programming with a specialty club or separate class so that you’re meeting the needs of all your members.


There’s a saying that all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. The same applies here — all session planning is programming, but not all programming is session planning. What sets the two apart is how comprehensive a session plan is. Programming is often just a WoD with a bonus structured warmup (and even that is offered by only a select few). Session planning, on the other hand, is a complete guide for how to coach the class.

So programming is not what we are really selling. Programming can be found for free all over the internet. We’re offering solid programming and the guides and plans that accompany the program.

Our session plans are for gyms who understand that the real product they have to offer is their COACHING. Any gym that will succeed in the long run knows that they distinguish themselves by the coaching they provide, which in turn creates community.

Our product works well because it allows gyms to truly focus on coaching, thereby making their gyms and fitness communities better.

So to sum it up: We don’t sell programming, because that is not the product that causes a gym to succeed. We sell a tool that allows coaches to grow and develop, that makes life less stressful for owners, and gets clients more fit.




They say time is money, though that’s not entirely true — you can always earn more money, but you cannot get more time. If you spend 5, 10, 20 hours writing programming or planning sessions, that’s a lot of hours you could give to something more fun or more beneficial to your business. With us, you win back those hours. And what you do with the extra time is up to you. Go hiking. Do some yoga. Plan that specialty club your clients have been asking for.


Our session plans remove the guesswork and give your coaches a clear guide for every session so they can focus on what is important — great coaching.


We make sure benchmarks workouts are properly spread, members are not overworked, and everyone is appropriately challenged. Our non-specialized training style also provides a base of fitness that can be applied across multiple sports and demands, which makes for more efficient, more adaptive athletes who are prepared for the challenges life may throw at them.

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A workout brief that gives you tips and strategies for coaching the workout, like what the stimulus of the day should be, how to best flow between movements, how to scale or substitute movements, and what goals to set for every athlete (which is dependent on their fitness level).

A structured warmup. We believe a good warmup is coach-led and changes every day (along with the workout). Its purpose is not only to prime your body for intense work, it’s also where you practice movements, refine skills, and build those neurological pathways that are so important to overall fitness.

A workout prep for detailed walkthroughs of the movements in the workout so that your clients can review each moving piece of the lifts/movements and determine scales or substitutions. Depending on the day, it could also include skill or technique work for the associated movements, or loading schemes to prepare for a heavy day. The aim of workout prep is to get a client prepped and doing the exact movements and weights they will find in the workout that day so they’re ready for 3-2-1-Go!

A workout with 3 levels of difficulty (Beyond RXD, RXD, and Fitness) so that every athlete in a class, no matter how long they’ve been doing CrossFit or how fit they are, can get a quality workout that meets their needs and abilities.

Every section described above also includes time breakdowns that tell you roughly how long each piece should take so that your coaches stay on-schedule.

Some session plans also include warm downs or mobility suggestions.


This top tier is designed for athletes who want to compete in the sport of CrossFit at a Regional level. Their focus, every time they come into the gym, is on improving their numbers by mastering their weaknesses and refining their strengths. They take training sessions very seriously.

This level is a good base to support any additional training program you are giving these athletes (like our Competitor Program), especially if they’re getting additional education on nutrition and recovery.

Rxd – (Recommended)
For best results, this should be the top level for most of your athletes.
The middle-tier is designed for the everyday athlete who wants to increase their fitness performance and do more than just “workout.” Like the Competitor category, their goal is to master their weaknesses and improve their numbers, whenever they’re in the gym. In other words, they don’t want to settle for just getting fit but they don’t want a sponsorship either.

For athletes who want to compete recreationally in the sport of CrossFit, this level will help you improve in all domains of the sport.

This level is for new athletes who have just come from a prep-course or are de-conditioned. We help coaches instruct athletes at this level by removing a lot of the complex, highly skill-based movements that might overwhelm members.

Of course, injured athletes are also a good fit for this level. You may still have to scale a few movements, depending on their injury, but being smart and focusing on proper mechanics will get them back to their desired level much faster.

The Beyond Rxd scale (the highest of the 3 scales we offer with each session plan) is a great base for competitors. But they will need to spend extra time on personal weaknesses and add a touch more volume to the overall program if they’re serious about competing.

We also offer a Competitor Program which is designed to be used in combination with this program for athletes who are performing 90% of their workouts at the Rxd or Beyond Rxd levels. Here’s how it works: Your athlete will attend the day’s regular class and also perform the workout from the competitor program. Sometimes the athlete will perform the competitor workout before regular class and sometimes they will perform it afterwards (and sometimes they will have stuff to do before and after the workout).

If you have strength and metcon programmed into every session, your members will never perform as well as they could.

First, let’s talk about recovery. A grueling metcon is going put your people on the floor… gasping for air… as they lay in a puddle of sweat. For GPP, this is fine, but for building strength, it’s not so great. Why? Because athletes are human, and humans need time to recover from intense work.

It’s our job to program intermittent sessions that accomplish two things at once: 1). Allow for recovery, 2). Provide the chance to work on a skill that can transfer over to lifts and, with some practice, make you stronger too. And then we sprinkle those sessions between really hard metcons and strength-only days.

In short: there needs to a be a sensical balance between the heavy metcon days, the strength-focused sessions and the skill-based workouts. You don’t need to pile all of those needs into one training session, especially not every training session.

But, you say, “what if Billie Jean comes on Mon, Wed, Fri and the strength days are Tues, Thurs that week. By your methodology, she’ll miss all the strength days.” This is why our programming flows in what might appear as unorganized cycles. We do not dedicate one or two calendar days as strength; this week, it could be a Tuesday, Friday and next week it could be a Monday, Thursday. It’s our own special recipe of organized chaos. If you’re really concerned about this potential issue, you could start a dedicated strength program, or have open gym several times a week so that people could work on their lifts. It all depends on the needs of your community.

Yes. We design benchmark workout and fitness testing sessions, then bring them back 3 – 6 months later so that your clients can measure their progress.
Our dose recommendation is usually 3 sessions per week for the new client, and 4-5 for the intermediate or advanced. Remember, rest/recovery days are crucial. The program is designed so that no matter how many classes your clients attend, they will always get a different/appropriate stimulus. For example, if someone attends Mon/Wed/Fri, they won’t always have a 20-min metcon on Monday and strength on Friday. After over 8 years of working with athletes who have varying schedules, we have found this to work really well. We have not seen it common place to have members attending 3-on, 1-off (etc.). But if they would like to follow that schedule, that would be just fine.

Our program is not tailored to your specific gym, because that requires an insane amount of energy and time to write. If you want a customized program, perhaps you could use our plans as a template (and massive time saver) that would allow you to change things up and tailor the program to your community, rather than treating us as an all-out replacement. This would still save you hours of time otherwise spent programming, but you could tweak the plans to fit your specific needs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that any group selling you “customized” programming isn’t telling you the whole truth. You are still receiving the same programming as dozens, or hundreds, of other gyms. They are merely funneling you into certain buckets (strength-heavy, gymnastics-heavy, endurance-heavy) with their other clients.

The only way to give your clients completely customized programming is to write it yourself. If you have the extra time and energy, go for it! We want you to do what’s best for your business.

Standard CrossFit gear is all you need. We rarely program Air Assault bikes, or other fancy toys, because most gyms don’t have them. On the occasion we program something you don’t have, use a sub with similar stimulus.

Here are a few sub recommendations —

Rope Climbs –> Inverted Rows; feet on a box and use one Ring to pull from or Towel Pullups.

Kettle Bells –> Dumbbells

Dumbbells –> Kettlebells

Rowing Machine, Air Assault, Ski Erg, and Running can all be used in place of each other.

Wall Ball –> Dumbbell, Barbell or Bumper Plate Thruster

Rings –> Pullup Bar work and Box Dips

Jump Rope or Plyo Box –> Plate Jumps or Standing Tuck Jumps

GHD Back or Hip Extensions –> Weighted Good Mornings or Stiff Legged Deadlifts

GHD Situp –> You can lie crosswise across a bench, with your feet hooked. Feet hooked inside one side of a giant tire or sub in weighted situps with no abmat.

Yes! We have a growing video library of technique and movement demonstrations. You can browse all the videos from your member dashboard (after you sign up) or you can view specific videos directly from a session plan. For instance, if today’s session plan included “Bird Peckers,” that text would be linked and all you would need to do is click the link for a video box to come on the screen and demonstrate that movement. This makes it super fast and easy for you to see what a “Bird Pecker” is and how we would coach it.

Yes! If you’re a member of Beyond the Whiteboard and Warmup & Workout, you don’t have to enter the workouts into BTWB because that is done for you. This is a huge time-saver and makes things very easy on your end. Also, linking the two accounts is a simple process that will take you less than five minutes.

For you wonderful Wodify, Zen Planner, etc., folks out there — we would love to integrate with those systems, but it’s not possible for us to do so right now. Their APIs don’t allow for a custom integration. But as soon as that changes, if it ever does, we’ll make an integration happen.

If you sign up after the first of the month, you first payment will be pro-rated. Let’s say you sign up on the 15th, you will be charged for the 15th – 31st, and you will have access to only those days’ plans (15th – 31st). Then after your first month, you will pay the normal membership price on the 1st of each month.
Session plans are released on the first of every month. You get all of the current month’s plans plus a preview of the first few days of next month.


Beyond RXD

5 Deficit HSPU
5 Weighted C2B Pullups
AMRAP 15min


5 Strict HSPU
5 Chest to Bar Pullups
AMRAP 15min


5 Push Press
5 Ring Rows
AMRAP 15min


As a member you will have access to the current month’s session plans plus the first few days of the following month’s programming. So if you sign up on January 1, you will have full access to all of January’s session plans plus the first few days of February (so that your team knows what’s coming). If you sign up on January 15, you will see plans from the 15th until the first week of February.

Members are charged on the first day of every month (for access to the new month’s session plans), but if you join after the first day of a month, you are charged a pro-rated amount; for example, if you sign up on the 7th, your price of entry will be different than someone who signs up on the 20th.

After you sign up, you can log into your new member dashboard to browse the plans and watch videos in the movement library. You can view the plans on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop) and export plans by day or month for your team.

  • A full session plan for every day of the month
  • A customized warmup for each session
  • Programming with 3 levels of difficulty
  • An intelligently-written, well-rounded GPP program
  • Accessible across all devices (with PDFs too)
  • Tax deductible for businesses
  • Integrated with Beyond the Whiteboard
  • Month-to-month memberships (cancel anytime)

“WUWO puts out consistent high-quality programming that, when coupled with the detailed session plans, allows your coaches to deliver a superior service to the average affiliate out there in today’s market. We have members hitting lifetime PRs and breaking through long training plateaus and I know that switching over to an unbiased GPP had a lot to do with it. The entire CFME staff agrees that the WUWO session plans are one of the keystone tools that allow us to be the best in Las Vegas.”

Zach Forrest
Owner of CrossFit Max Effort
Las Vegas

“Thanks for a solid program and an opportunity to build a better community without the stress and time constraint of working on programing. Super stoked you guys are putting out a competitors, teen, and kids program and I feel like I could definitely build on our community by utilizing the teen or even the kids programing. On another note, I would also like to give you guys some credit on your program because we had some first time competitors from our gym take home a first place finish in the novice division. Super proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zone and really push themselves. The first thing they said was that they felt like they were prepared for anything and that nothing was really out of their wheel house. ‘So much variety in our training definitely prepared us for anything.’ So again, thanks you guys.”

Shane Scarbrough
903 Pride
Whitesboro, Texas

“Thank you so very much. With the help of your program since we started using it back in the very beginning, our member base grew so much that we needed to build a bigger box! We are 2 weeks into our new space (that is triple the size of our old box) and these new additions to the program are just going to take us to the next level! A lot of our members have been wanting more and the competitor program is going to give them just that! We also want to roll out CrossFit Kids sometime after June so this is most perfect. It’s like you read our minds! I have tears in my eyes of excitement!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!”

Tia Robertson
Manager of CrossFit 786
Queensland, Australia

“Switching to WUWO programming has been the best investment I think I’ve made in 2 years! Not only for my members but for my coaches! They love the session plans and it has dramatically increased their attitude and excitement for coaching again!”

Jeremy Watson
Owner of CrossFit Fulshear
Katy, Texas

“I really just wanted to say thank you. The box I go to in London has been using your programming for the last few months and I can’t overstate how much I am enjoying it and how much it has improved my crossfit/fitness. So many boxes these days follow a standard template of a strength movement followed by a metcon, that seemingly has had no thought put into it, other than it needs to be a beat down that leaves you dead on the floor for the sake of it. Whilst at first looks I had concerns about your programme not containing enough strength work or gymnastics skills, having now followed it for a few months it is amazing how it is all covered and I have improved across the board – far more so than when I was following a strength followed by metcon style programme.”

London, England

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