Keep your clients moving with these fun workouts that anyone can do anywhere.

Life is about to get a lot easier. With these session plans, you can take care of ALL your clients, no matter their equipment setup or fitness ability. We've got you covered.

What You Get

Here's a look at what's included with every session plan.

These plans have been field-tested by affiliates around the world, across seasons, COVID regulations, equipment set-ups, and fitness levels. You can breathe easy and relax knowing these plans have been tested and delivered by over 100 affiliates with great results.
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    We include everything you need — scales, substitutions, a daily coach video with notes, movement demo videos, etc. — so you can deliver a kickass experience AND give more of your time to what makes you feel good.

  • Peace-of-Mind

    This entire program has been tested ahead by over 100 affiliates located all over the world. And, it was written by people with 10 years of session planning and coaching development experience.

  • Confidence in the Purpose

    If you believe in GPP, variance, and gen-you-whine CrossFit, you can walk your talk with this program and stay true to your values while pushing your clients' a fun way. :)

  • Clarity of Intention

    We give you the "why" of the workout. That is, the reason behind it. Plus, we highlight what you should focus on as the coach.


This is an example of the daily coaching videos you get with the session plans.

Frequently asked questions
Smiles on Faces, All Around
Lesson plans make life better. We stand by that 100%.
  • "We are seeing consistent PRs in our athletes who've been doing CrossFit for a very long time. I think it's certainly multifaceted why this is happening, but the biggest reasons I can see as a Coach and as an athlete, since we switched to WUWO, there's the dedicated mobility built into the warmups and cool downs, the accessory work to even out imbalances, the thoughtful variety that allows people to come more consistently and not constantly feel exhausted. In addition, the lesson plans are exhaustive. We consider WUWO not only programming but also a coach development tool. Better coaches create better athletes."

  • "I just wanted to share some data with you. We’ve been using WUWO since April. We took a little heat when we went from what we had been doing, which was strength + metcon or the occasional skill + metcon, to the traditional CrossFit model that is WUWO.

    Over the last two days, I believe we completely silenced the critics.

    On Tuesday, of 20 athletes with previous Annie times, 19 PR’d. On Wednesday, of 68 athletes that came through our doors (roughly a third of our membership), 66 set a 1 rep max if they had not previously recorded one (brand new members) or PR’d. Myself included with a 5lb lifetime PR of 420. This is a mix of new athletes and athletes that have been with us since we started in our garage a little over two years ago. Thank you again for the awesome service you provide."

  • "Do you want actual variety? Do you want someone behind the product who actually cares? Do you want to make your people better for life? Then I'd at least consider WUWO."
  • "We have been in business for nearly 9 years, and programming has always been the thorn in our side. Our programming has certainly been progressive, but so has the time dedication.

    WUWO came directly off the heels of our Level 2 Certification. Our change of coaching style blended seamlessly with our new programming. Having a complete daily syllabus to follow takes all the logistics out of our hands. We simply execute!

    A piece of the puzzle we didn’t see coming is the ease of mind knowing that our athletes are taken care of when we aren’t coaching ourselves. We train our coaches to follow the daily syllabus with precision, adding their flair, knowledge, and energy. This has created an entirely different atmosphere.

    The response from our athletes has been all positive. They are enjoying the warm ups and mobility. The WOD’s have more focus, so athletes have increased their intensity without sacrificing form.

    As a small business, paying for programming has never been in the cards. Making the decision to go with WUWO has been a great decision. The time that was dedicated to programming each month can now be divided into coaching energy and personal time."


Pricing — $199

For $199, you get the complete at-home fitness bundle that includes 3 months of programming and an accessory push-up program your clients can do anywhere. Written by us, Pat and Taz Barber, to make your life a little bit easier.

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