Competitor Program

What You Get

A strength and volume add-on to our Gym Program
Designed to get your top athletes competition-ready


Athletes will build a foundation through developing strength that will enable them to handle any task a competition can throw at them (without sacrificing other areas of fitness).


Competitors will be given an additional 30-60 min of training volume in an effort to meet the demands competing in the sport of fitness will require.


This program is built for serious athletes who want to get better at highly technical movements like snatches, muscle ups and handstand pushups.


This program is an extension of our GPP Gym Program, and it is built for athletes who need to improve in every domain — from strength to gymnastics to endurance.


With every plan, you get tips on when to perform the workout (before or after your regular group class), what the goal of the day is, and strategies to improve performance.


This program includes intentional rest days to ensure that athletes are performing workouts at maximum effort, with adequate time for recovery.

See how it works.



Unlike other competitor programs, this is not a stand alone product — this program is used in combination with our Gym Program. And here’s how it works: Your athlete will attend the day’s regular class and also perform the workout from the competitor program. Sometimes the athlete will perform the competitor workout before regular class and sometimes they will perform it afterwards (and sometimes they will have stuff to do before and after the workout).

One of the main benefits of this combination is that your top-level athletes are following the same program. So instead of having 10 athletes who are following 4 different programs, everyone is on the same page. Athletes can come in and perform the workouts together, or they can do their own thing. Still, no matter how you decide to run the program, all your athletes are following programming that is a part of your main community. They are not off to the side, following programming you’re unfamiliar with, and just using your gym as a space to workout.

With our competitor program, your top-level athletes are strengthening your community, not dividing it.


Most other programs out there are individualized. They ask for athletes to send in their numbers so that a programmer can review the data and supposedly cater the program to the athlete’s weaknesses. Which all sounds great. But here’s the thing: No program that we know of is truly individualized. Instead of creating a program just for you, the programmers review your data and funnel you into pre-written templates or quadrants. In other words, you’re still receiving the exact same program as hundreds or thousands of other athletes.

Besides, most athletes don’t need a personalized program. They may think that strength is where they need to focus their efforts, but if you chart their performances in all domains — gymnastics, strength, power, aerobic capacity, endurance — against top performers in the Games, your athlete will most likely be surprised to learn that they need to improve everything, not just strength. We see this a lot. An athlete will focus all their attention on getting better at one thing, they improve, rejoice, and then realize the gain came at a cost — they’re worse at everything else. It’s an uncomfortable reality check when you have worked so hard to get better.

Also, personalized programs can be really expensive, often costing anywhere between $100 and $500 a month. That can be cost prohibitive for athletes who are funding their extra training out of their own pockets. They can spring for those personalized programs when sponsors show up to the table, but they still have to train in the meantime. Which is why we’ve created a more affordable option.


See how the normal class workout and competitor workout fit together.
(Full session plans are not shown in this preview, only the workouts.)

Beyond RXD WOD

40-30-20-10 Unbroken Pullups
100ft Handstand Walk

Competitor WOD

Part 1:
To be done 30 minutes before class —
Back Squat
NOTE: Build up to a heavy triple for the day.

Part 2:
Do Beyond Rx’d programming for the day.

Rest 10 minutes

For time:
200/150 cal row
– Every 20/15 cal perform 3 thrusters at (BW/.75BW)
NOTE: Goal is under 20 minutes, trying to complete each row interval in under 1 minute.


Is extra volume and strength necessary to get fit? No. These things only matter when someone wants to compete or when someone just loves going hard for the sheer fun of it, and when you give your gym a competitor program to follow, those are the two types of people that will join: the people who want to do well at Regionals and the people who love the pain of training really hard. Of course, other members will also enjoy rooting the competitors on and talking with them about the extra training they’re doing. All in all, a competitor program leads to happy clients, and happy clients stick around. That is not to say programming is what makes a gym great (we happen to think kickass coaching is what makes a gym successful) but this program is one more way to give your clients what they want.


Pat has competed in the Games since 2008, placing in the top ten 4 times (twice as an individual and twice as a team). And Taz has competed 4 times, placing top 5 as part of a team and at first place as an individual in the Australasian Games. On top of that, we’ve been programming for nearly a decade and have trained dozens of athletes who have gone on to perform in top tiers at Regionals. We are some of the best at what we do because we’ve been in this sport since the beginning, so let us worry about how to add volume to your programming or how to meet the needs of your eager competitors. Relax. We got you.


Your competitors are going to see gains upon gains. And not in just one domain. We are going to improve their numbers across the board, while also allowing for adequate recovery time so they can give workouts 100% effort.



ATHLETES: Athletes who perform at least 90% of their workouts at the RXD level of our Gym Program, and who want to build volume, maximal strength, and higher level skills more than they would in their normal classes alone. These athletes also take training seriously and keep a log book of all their numbers (which really is the best tool for quickly identifying retrograde performance).

GYMS/AFFILIATES: You must be a member of our Gym Program, which is our flagship program for group classes, because this Competitor Program is designed as an extension of the Gym Program.

This program is designed to be used in combination with our Gym Program because we saw a real need for regular classes and competitor training to be more integrated or coordinated. This way, the extra work an athlete performs actually builds on their normal workouts. There is no conflict. And adequate recovery time is more likely.

You can either purchase the bundle (Gym Program + Competitor Program) or purchase the Gym Program only and then upgrade from your member dashboard later.

Each training day, competitors will be given an additional 30-60 min of training volume for before and after their RXD or Beyond RXD workout.

Certain skills and movements are tested every year and developing specific capacity in those movements should be a focus for anyone who wants to do well in competition.

Commonly tested movements include:

Olympic weightlifting

  • Snatch – Full, Hang, Power
  • Clean – Full, Hang, Power
  • Jerk


  • Squat – Back, Front, Overhead
  • Deadlift
  • Press – Strict, Push, Bench
  • Lunge – Back, Front, Overhead
  • Thruster


  • Handstand – HS push up, HS walk
  • Muscle up – Ring, Bar
  • Ring Dip
  • Pull-up/Chest to bar pull-up
  • Toes to Bar/GHD sit-up
  • Burpees/Box jumps

And the favorites

  • Assault Bike
  • Row
  • Jump rope – Double & Triple Unders

The time domains in which athletes are tested are also taken into account. Frequently tested time domains range from 7-15 minutes. Rarely are athletes asked to go longer than 20 minutes, and anything shorter than 5 minutes is usually a maximum lift style of event. This program will prioritize those time domains in which athletes are most often tasked with.

Athletes will get the increased exposure to each of these aspects in a way that elegantly balances the increased volume with the ability to maintain the necessary intensity. Only by creating an environment in which athletes can attack every workout with their full physical and mental capabilities can it ensure continued progress.

This program is an add-on or extension of our main Gym Program (which is used for group classes). Athletes should perform the competitor workouts in addition to the regular class workouts. What competitors get from this program is more volume and additional training in strength and highly-skilled movements.

Alternatively, a strength program is a stand-alone program that is solely focused on building strength. It is not built around, or complimentary, to regular classes. Nor is a strength program designed to improve athletes across the board.

This program is designed to help the average athlete become more competitive in the sport of fitness. We want your athletes to feel confident when they show up to a local competition, like they are prepared for anything that comes their way. The foundation built through this program can provide a great launching point for those athletes looking to succeed in the higher echelons of the sport, but getting to that level will also require some specific weakness work for that individual.

Most gyms can use the plans as a self-guided program, meaning athletes are responsible for coming in and performing the workouts on their own, with little to zero guidance. If you opt for this structure, make sure you’re selective about who you let into the program. Or, you could choose to make the classes coach-led, especially if you have a sizable group participating. You could do this 2 ways: like a normal class (with hands-on coaching) or like an open gym class (where coaches are around and watching, but not as involved). It’s really up to you.

Athletes will do the benchmarks from the regular Gym Program, as well as some additional ones from well-known competitions around the US. It is important for your athletes to try the workouts that the best in the world are doing, but it is more important to remind them to compete against themselves and not get too caught up in comparing their scores to the seasoned professionals.

Yes! Recovery is crucial to fitness and strength gains! Remember – increasing volume is useless if done at half-effort. As the saying goes — “With 80% effort, you get 80% of the results.” Proper recovery ensures that an athlete can give 100% effort to each day of training.

Excessive training without adequate time for recovery is not a way to get fit — it’s a way to get hurt.

The Competitor Program comes with 5 days of supplementary workouts per week, which means there are 2 intentional rest days, every Thursday and Sunday. And yes, a “rest day” means they also must skip that day’s Beyond RXD or RXD workout. Rest means REST!

We want to keep the training schedule predictable so it’s easier for your competition-striving athletes to stick to it. And since our Gym Program is a constantly varied GPP program, skipping every Thursday and Sunday won’t be a problem, because there aren’t any weekly workout or lifting patterns that would cause them to miss a crucial movement. Try your best to get all your competitor program athletes on this schedule. If someone can’t do it, make sure they simulate a similar schedule with no more than 3 training days in a row.

Each training day, competitors will be given an additional 30-60 min of training volume to be performed before or after a regular class workout (at the Beyond RXD level). So in total, competitors will train 90 -120 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Yes! We have a growing video library of technique and movement demonstrations. You can browse all the videos from your member dashboard (after you sign up) or you can view specific videos directly from a session plan. For instance, if today’s session plan included “Bird Peckers,” that text would be linked and all you would need to do is click the link for a video box to come on the screen and demonstrate that movement. This makes it super fast and easy for you to see what a “Bird Pecker” is and how we would coach it.
That depends on how much coaching or instruction you are providing. If you are merely giving your competitors the program and supplying them with a space to workout, much like an open gym class, then we suggest not charging them anything or asking them to kick in very little cash ($10 – 20 a month). However, if you’re running this program as a class, then you might want to charge as if it is a specialty club (something not included in an unlimited membership). It really comes down to how many people participate, how much instruction you provide, and what your gym culture is like.
This is not a temporary or periodized program — it’s month-to-month, following our Gym Program.
No. You, as the gym owner, are the only person who has a member dashboard with us. Your athletes will not sign-in to our system — you are the only person who will have a username and password (and access to the session plans). But here are a few ways you can send the workouts to your athletes:

  • Copy/paste and email or text athletes the info
  • Export as a PDF and email athletes the docs
  • Export as a PDF and print packets for athletes
New plans are released on the first of every month. On the first, you will have access to the entire month’s plans plus a preview of the first several days of the following month.

If you sign up after the first of the month, your initial payment will be pro-rated (for access to the remainder of the month — not the full month).

Every gym has a group of athletes who want to train harder. Some actually want to compete and others just like to go hard for fun. The problem is that these athletes rarely follow the same program, so in your group of top athletes, there could be four different programs these athletes are using on top of your program. The programs certainly are not built to complement each other, and you have no control over what these athletes are doing.

Furthermore, athletes perform the workouts alone, with no instruction from coaches, no support from other members, and no shared training with other athletes. This can lead to a divisive, us-versus-them vibe in your gym.

And all that can be solved with this one extension. You know exactly what workout your top performers are doing before/after the normal class. They can perform the workouts as a group or, at the very least, share their performances with each other to discuss strategies and tips. Your other members know it’s an additional program that you offer, which gives them something to work toward or support. Everyone is on the same page, it’s all under the same roof, and you control it all. Plus, in the minds of members, it’s another way you offer them value.

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“Thanks for a solid program and an opportunity to build a better community without the stress and time constraint of working on programing. Super stoked you guys are putting out a competitors, teen, and kids program and I feel like I could definitely build on our community by utilizing the teen or even the kids programing. On another note, I would also like to give you guys some credit on your program because we had some first time competitors from our gym take home a first place finish in the novice division. Super proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zone and really push themselves. The first thing they said was that they felt like they were prepared for anything and that nothing was really out of their wheel house. ‘So much variety in our training definitely prepared us for anything.’ So again, thanks you guys.”

Shane Scarbrough
903 Pride
Whitesboro, Texas

“Thank you so very much. With the help of your program since we started using it back in the very beginning, our member base grew so much that we needed to build a bigger box! We are 2 weeks into our new space (that is triple the size of our old box) and these new additions to the program are just going to take us to the next level! A lot of our members have been wanting more and the competitor program is going to give them just that! We also want to roll out CrossFit Kids sometime after June so this is most perfect. It’s like you read our minds! I have tears in my eyes of excitement!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!”

Tia Robertson
Manager of CrossFit 786
Queensland, Australia

“I really just wanted to say thank you. The box I go to in London has been using your programming for the last few months and I can’t overstate how much I am enjoying it and how much it has improved my crossfit/fitness. So many boxes these days follow a standard template of a strength movement followed by a metcon, that seemingly has had no thought put into it, other than it needs to be a beat down that leaves you dead on the floor for the sake of it. Whilst at first looks I had concerns about your programme not containing enough strength work or gymnastics skills, having now followed it for a few months it is amazing how it is all covered and I have improved across the board – far more so than when I was following a strength followed by metcon style programme.”

London, England

“I gotta say I am EXTREMELY happy with my decision to give you and your service a try! It is honestly the best thing I could have done . The program is thorough, planned and completely all inclusive. It’s helps me get so much more done as a box owner, as I am running this show alone.”

Nicholas Caracandas
L-2 Coach at City Bowl Fitness
Cape Town, South Africa

“WUWO puts out consistent high-quality programming that, when coupled with the detailed session plans, allows your coaches to deliver a superior service to the average affiliate out there in today’s market. We have members hitting lifetime PRs and breaking through long training plateaus and I know that switching over to an unbiased GPP had a lot to do with it. The entire CFME staff agrees that the WUWO session plans are one of the keystone tools that allow us to be the best in Las Vegas.”

Zach Forrest
Owner of CrossFit Max Effort
Las Vegas

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