Partners and Friends

This page is where you can find deals and discounts exclusively offered to WUWO members. We only partner with people when we’ve personally tried their products with great success.

Active Life RX (aka Performance Care RX)

Drs Sean Pastuch and Jeremy Todd are the brains behind the ‘Bulletproof’ programs that have been so helpful to so many CrossFit athletes, ourselves included. We’ve recently partnered with them because their methodology centers around rehab — Bulletproof Shoulders / Hips / Ankles / Etc. — and regaining functionality in those places. We love them because they’re nerdy about human movement — how many times we open and close the hip, flex at the shoulder, load overhead, and so on. The coupon below can be applied to any of their ‘Bulletproof’ programs, which aim to help you eliminate pain, regain mobility, and correct issues in specific areas.
Deal: 50% off your first month
Coupon Code: WUWO

Beyond the Whiteboard

If you’re a member of Beyond the Whiteboard and Warmup & Workout, you don’t have to enter the workouts into BTWB because that is done for you! This is a huge time-saver and makes things very easy on your end. Also, linking the two accounts is a simple process that will take you less than five minutes (read: the instructions on how to link your accounts).

For you wonderful Wodify, Zen Planner, etc., folks out there — we would love to integrate with those systems, but it’s not possible for us to do so right now. Their APIs don’t allow for a custom integration. But as soon as that changes, if it ever does, we’ll make an integration happen.