The success of a gym depends on the coaching, not on the programming

If you’re like us, you’ve interviewed and hired coaches and spent hours agonizing over how to better mentor or train your team, all while simultaneously struggling with how to serve and grow your membership base. This is our job description. It’s our responsibility to turn so-so coaches into good coaches and then great coaches, to turn newbies into professionals. So we feel your pain. These struggles are what keep us up at night, because here’s what we know: successful gyms are built on kickass coaches. This is an oversimplification, of course, but it’s true nonetheless. So why then, are Taz and I putting so much energy into writing session plans? Well, we’ve noticed that when coaches spend their spare time writing programming, they’re losing hours they could invest in education. We aim to fix the problem — to help your team win back time for improving their craft — because, as you know, time is money… and we’ve all got so little of it to spend.

Coaches need a clear plan of attack

Your coaches have a lot to deal with as soon as they walk through the door — modifications, injuries, reminding everyone about the potluck — and they’ve got to do it all in 60 minute sessions for back-to-back groups, without losing their cool. We know this because we’re coaches too. Which is why we thought, hey let’s remove the guesswork and give our team full session plans so that everyone has the same roadmap. Coaches no longer have to make things up on the fly, or worry about the quality of programming they’re delivering, because our session plans are complete and carefully plotted but also leave enough room for your team to have some fun, get creative and put their own personality into the sessions.

Routine warmups suck and are a waste of your clients’ time

Your coaches probably default to the same old warmups for every workout because, in their defense, it’s a lot of work to come up with fresh warmups every day. Even so, it’s a must. The whole standard (or stagnant) warmup technique is a little odd when you think about it, because CrossFit’s methodology promotes variance and non-specialization, which we all do and understand for workouts. Yet, when it comes to warmups, so many of us neglect this core belief. Our goal with Warmup & Workout is to fix that problem by giving you warmups that are designed to be coach-led, change every day and are built to meet the specific demands of the workout. In other words, the warmup and workout are built to fit together, as a pair, not as a disjointed series of random movements.