Getting Started

Whether you’re new to WUWO or you’ve been with us a while but just purchased one of our add-ons (Kids Program, etc.), this page will give you the introductory documents and tutorials you need.

When you’re ready to access your programming, first make sure you are signed in (you can use the Sign In link in the main menu above). Once you are signed in, use the My Account menu link, or “The Goods” menu link to go directly to your session plans. Enjoy!

Gym Program

Welcome to WUWO
A checklist to help you get started and make the most of your membership.

WUWO Intro
This document is a must-read. It details everything from why we don’t program a daily strength + metcon to how to talk with your members about our program. It is the most important transition document, so we highly recommend that you give it a read, or at least skim it. 🙂

WUWO Intro For Your Members — Editable Version
This document is a quicker read than the intro above. It’s a primer on what WUWO is and how we do things, and it’s written for the members of your gym. You can download this Google doc and upload it to whatever editing software you prefer so that you can change it as you wish before sending it to your members. You could also send this to your coaches so they can practice discussing particular scenarios with members (or you could have them read the more in-depth Intro document above).

WUWO Intro For Your Members — PDF Version
This is the same document as above but it’s formatted in more of magazine style (with photos). This version is prettier and easier to read, but it’s not editable (like the Google doc above).

Email Template
Need help announcing the programming switch to your members? This email template might be useful, just copy/paste, edit and then send it to your members.