This handy roadmap will show you where we’re at and where we’re going, with respect to features. We cannot promise that there won’t be detours, traffic delays or changes to the destination. Building features is a journey after all. BUT! This page will keep you updated on our progress and vision, and it will give you a place to request changes or features.

Priority #1: Gym Program + Competitor Program Integration

Timeline Goal: Spring 2017
With this feature, if you have the Competitor add-on, you can view the Gym Program session plan and the Competitor session plan on the same page, and export or share them together as well.

Priority #2: Team Communication

Timeline Goal: Summer 2017
With this feature, you can comment/chat with your team about the session plans or anything else.

Priority #3: Session Plan Customization

Timeline Goal: COMPLETED! (January 2017)
This is now possible with the new PDF export feature, which allows you to edit or add to the session plans, or delete whole sections. These changes are not saved, they are only reflected on the resulting PDF when you print or download it.

Priority #4: WUWO Network

Timeline Goal: Summer 2017
We will build a searchable database of WUWO gyms around the world. This will be helpful when you or your members are traveling and you still want to train at a WUWO gym. We all know how disruptive travel can be for our training; this might help solve that issue. It will be optional to list your gym in the network (so you can remain private and unlisted if you want). Also, to keep the list current and accurate, gyms will automatically be removed if they cancel their WUWO membership.

Priority #5: Native Mobile App

Timeline Goal: PAUSED
Plans for a native mobile app have been paused indefinitely.

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