This handy roadmap will show you where we’re at and where we’re going, with respect to features. We cannot promise that there won’t be detours, traffic delays or changes to the destination. Building features is a journey after all. BUT! This page will keep you updated on our progress and vision, and it will give you a place to request changes or features.

SugarWOD Integration

Currently we are integrated with SugarWOD, but it requires several steps, including obtaining a custom coupon code from us. Our goal is to automate this integration. The idea being that you, as both a member of WUWO and SugarWOD, would enter/submit your SugarWOD account email address somewhere in the WUWO dashboard, and this would automatically import your programming and session plans into your SugarWOD calendar.

This is still in development.

Timeline Goal: Fall of 2018.

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