This handy roadmap will show you where we’re at and where we’re going, with respect to features. We cannot promise that there won’t be detours, traffic delays or changes to the destination. Building features is a journey after all. BUT! This page will keep you updated on our progress and vision, and it will give you a place to request changes or features.

New Kids Program

We’re discontinuing our current Kids Program so we can focus our energies elsewhere. But, that doesn’t mean we’re throwing away all those great session plans! We’ve studied and updated a lot of the plans and we’re repackaging them into 2 programs. The first program is a 4-month cycle that is a one-time purchase. It is meant to be repeated throughout the year, depending on school, sports seasons, etc. The other program is a monthly subscription. It’s a 12-month cycle. You can join for a month, three months, six months or the full year. You can leave anytime. If you stay for the full 12-months, you’ll be charged once a month and then repeat the program without being charged again. The 4-month program is $239. The monthly program is $79/month.
Timeline Goal: These two packages will launch on September 1, 2017.

New Teens Program

We’re also discontinuing our current Teens Program. We’ll be offering the same two packages described above for this program too.
Timeline Goal: These two packages will launch on September 1, 2017.

New Oly Program

We’ve partnered with Chad Vaughn to bring you an Olympic Lifting Program. Chad is a renowned weightlifter, competing in the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008, as well as winning the Gold Medal at the 2003 Pan American Games, and winning the USA National Championships 9 times. On top of that, Chad has been leading weightlifting classes in the fitness community and has been a consistent, trusted information source since 2010. He is one of the best at what he does. This program is written with two types of people in mind: 1) Those who want to compete in weightlifting, 2) Those who love Olympic lifting and want to lift more often.
Timeline Goal: This program will launch on September 1, 2017.

SugarWOD Integration

As of now, we’re integrated with Beyond the Whiteboard so that you don’t have to enter any workouts or info into their system. That’s all done for you, saving you hours of time every month. We’re working with SugarWOD to offer that same functionality so that everything is automated for you.
Timeline Goal: Coming soon!

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