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THIS WAS AUG 13, 2019


Min. 1: 50 Double-unders
Min. 2: Side Plank Hold (L)
Min. 3: 50 Double-unders
Min. 4: Side Plank Hold (R)
Min. 5: 10 Weighted Cossack Squats (1 x 50/35 lb.)
5 rounds


Min. 1: 50 Double-unders
Min. 2: Side Plank Hold (L)
Min. 3: 50 Double-unders
Min. 4: Side Plank Hold (R)
Min. 5: 10 Weighted Cossack Squats (1 x 40/25 lb.)
5 rounds


Min. 1: 50 Fast Feet
Min. 2: Side Plank Hold (L)
Min. 3: 50 Fast Feet
Min. 4: Side Plank Hold (R)
Min. 5: 8 Weighted Cossack Squats
5 rounds

BRIEF — 5 mins

Movement Classification: Unilateral Squat, Jump, Static Hold
Workout Priority: Mixed
Workout Duration: Long
WOD Design & Logistics

After some intense hamstring and shoulder push/pull demand yesterday, today’s workout is EMOM style, and it’s a long grind. We have 5 movements performed at the top of each minute—some are task priority in which you perform a certain number of reps as fast as possible, while others are time priority, in which the goal is to perform that movement for as much of the minute as possible, an “AMRAP,” if you will.

The stimulus today is a mixture of movements that increase the heart rate through active movement and isometric holds, and challenge shoulder and core stability. Athletes will be going back and forth between these two types of stimuli over 25 min.

Athletes perform 10 alternating Weighted Cossack Squats, 5 each side. Athletes can hold the load wherever they’d like to. Holding at the chest is most beneficial as it helps them stay centered and balanced.

The Side Plank is to be performed on the elbows.


Completion of workout. Post load to comments.

WOD Goal

Everyone: The challenging part of this workout is the volume of holds across the 5 rounds. The goal is to complete the Double-unders/Fast Feet as quickly as possible to give each athlete a good amount of rest before the 1-min. hold.

Ideally, the Double-unders/Fast Feet and Cossack Squats are performed in 1-2 sets, taking about 30 sec., no more than 40 sec., per round.

There is a lot of time accumulated in a Side Plank, but since we are alternating sides and the workout is so long, they should be relatively fresh by the time they come back to that same side/movement. Ideally, no athlete is taking more than 2 breaks per 1-min. increment—ideally unbroken for the first 2-3 rounds, and 1 break thereafter.



Side Planks: Option to scale up to a Side Plank in a star position: top leg is not resting on the bottom leg, but rather up toward the ceiling. Scale down to a Side Plank on the hands, which is easier as it incorporates more of the arm to help balance. Next, perform a Side Plank with feet staggered instead of stacked on top of one another. Lastly, scale to the knees.

Weighted Cossack Squats: First, reduce load, then reps. Option to also perform body-weight Cossack Squats.

Competitor & Rx’d

Double-unders: Reduce reps to 30, then option to perform 40 sec. for max reps (if people want to practice). Next, scale to Single-unders.


Fast Feet: Reduce height of object that they are touching, then reduce reps.

For Further Study - What Kind of Hip Pain Do You Have?


WARMUP — 5-10 mins

(5-10 min.) Warm-up

Run 100 m
20 Plank Shoulder Taps
Run 100 m
10 Sumo Squats + Regular Squats
Run 100 m
20 Russian Twists (no weight, just hands move)
Run 100 m
10 Cossack Squats (unweighted)
Run 100 m



(10-15 min.) Prep for the Workout

5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 Unbroken Double-unders
*Scale to not unbroken, or attempts.
*Have everyone try to attempt this, even if they aren’t doing them in the workout.

With their workout load for the Cossack Squat perform:

6 reps per side.

Briefly review the Side Plank and perform 30 sec. each side.

*Prep as needed for the workout.

(25 min.) Perform Workout


WARM DOWN — 5 mins

(5 min.) Cool Down

1-2 min. Roll out calves, each side (Partner up and use barbells on each other, or use a KB Handle).

1-2 min. Seated Hamstring Stretch(not dynamic), each side


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