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15 Deadlifts (225/155 lb.)
20 Box Jumps (24 in.)
25 Pull-ups
5 Rounds


15 Deadlifts (185/135 lb.)
15 Box Jumps (24/20 in.)
15 Pull-ups
5 Rounds

Partially Loaded
At-Home or Low-Gear Workout
15 SA. Deadlift (each side)
20 Object jumps or jump-overs
15 DB Chainsaws (each side)
5 rounds


15 Deadlifts
15 Step-ups
15 Jumping Pull-ups
5 Rounds

BRIEF — 5 mins

Movement Classification: Pull, Hinge, Jump
Workout Priority: Task
Workout Duration: Medium-Long

Partially Loaded track
For this track, all you'll ever need are dumbbells and a jump rope. This is the at-home workout option.

WOD Design & Logistics

Happy July 4th, America! We know this isn’t a holiday celebrated in every country, but it is a big one over here in the US so we like to recognise it. We like this workout because it is a classic CrossFit triplet that isn’t too crazy for the majority and is easily scalable. So for those folk outside the US, this isn’t out of the range of a regular day. There is a lot of pulling today. From the ground and overhead. Both shoulders and back are going to get lit up somewhere around the third round.

Some people might want to give the Competitor option a go today since that is the ‘Rxd’ workout. If you are ok with that, you will need to allocate more time for the workout and give them some ‘hand care’ advice for all those pull-ups.

We will leave it up to you how you need to organise your space due to covid restrictions. If sharing boxes isn’t an option, then you may need to perform over the barbell jumps instead. Double the reps.

Time to complete workout

WOD goal
Competitor and Rx’d: The intention of the workout is to plug away at a consistent, efficient pace. Nothing should be done at speed, unless your athletes know for sure they can maintain this pace across all five rounds.

The deadlift load is light to moderate, but there are 75 reps, so it might get a little spicy for some people. Regardless, your top athletes should be able to do all 15 unbroken each round. The box jumps are 24” for the Rx’d version and we brought it down to 20” for everyone else (men and women). This way, your quicker athletes should be able to cycle those box jumps no problem each round and the majority of your athletes will be able to do quick jump up/step down transitions for each round.

The goal for the pull-ups should be able to be done in two sets in the early rounds and maybe 3 in the last few rounds. See the scaling options below.

Your top athletes will go sub or around 20 min. Allow up to 25 min. for the majority. It is up to you whether you want to enforce the time cap, if you don’t, then you should allocate up to 30 min, because there will be people who take that long.

Fitness: Choose a load that they are comfortable doing 10 reps unbroken with. This applies to the other two movements as well. It shouldn’t be so easy that the workout takes 10 min., but just hard enough so that they get slowed down by it as the rounds progress.


Rxd and Fitness

Deadlifts: Scale load as needed. They should be able to perform 15 reps unbroken while fresh AND while under fatigue.

Box jumps: Scale the height as needed. They should feel comfortable jumping up onto the height they choose when they are tired. If they are scared when they are fresh, it is too high.

* For Fitness, start with step ups as the modification OR use a plate to perform low box jumps on.

Pull-ups: Use bands today if you are ok with that. Otherwise, scale to a challenging ring row, then to a jumping pullup.

For Further Study: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe


WARMUP — 15 mins

(10 min.) While partner 1 attempts to row a perfect 100 m! (To get a perfect 100m, athletes must use full pulls on the rower with no breaks in between pulls and land exactly on 100m.) Partner 2 performs alternating long lunges.


Whoever rowed the closest to the perfect 100 m, doesn’t need to perform the penalty below —–> *Add a 2 x burpee penalty per missed metre (if you land on 98 m, you perform 4 burpees).

Perform a total of 3 rounds. Mix up the penalties if you want and if it is the same person winning each time, at the end of the three rounds, have them perform 6 burpees for fun ;-)

(5+ min.) Shoulder Warmup #1



Workout prep and workout (40min)

(15 min.) Prep for Workout:

10 Deadlift
10 Ring rows
10 Box step ups

8 Deadlift
8 Jumping pull-ups
8 Over the bar jumps

6 Deadlifts
6 Pull-ups
6 Box jumps

4 Deadlifts
4 Pull-ups
4 Box jumps

* Increase the deadlift weight each round, with the set of 4 being their working weight.
* Increase the box jump height to their working height for the last round.

(20-25 min.) Perform Workout
* Each round should take around 3-4 min.


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