Work On Your Weaknesses

Pat Barber Coaching Development

If given a choice, most human beings will choose the type of training they need the least.

Cardio people love those metcons.

Barbell lovers want that strength piece.

But it happens on a more micro level as well with certain movements.

To identify your deficiencies, think about when in a workout you rest or hold back. That’s your weakness.

You go hard on what you’re good at and then relax a little on that next movement because you don’t feel safe or confident enough to maintain intensity.

So, when do you rest? When do you pull back?

And when you recognize a client doing this, how do you coach them through it? How often do you have members flip the script so they push harder during their weaknesses and catch their breath during their favorite movements?

By choosing to attack what we suck at, our rate of growth will generally be quicker across the board.