Perfect Isn’t Possible

Pat Barber Coaching, Gym Management

I’ve found that when an employee or coach comes to me to complain about something, I’m much more open to what they’re saying when they bring some solutions to the table. It shows me that they’ve thought through the problem and taken the initiative to come up with a few different ways to resolve it.

I appreciate their potential solutions because sometimes my role as a leader means that I can’t get too bogged down in what isn’t working. I can’t spend time brainstorming on how to fix every little problem. I have to focus my energies on amplifying what IS working so that we play to our strengths. Perfect isn’t possible.⠀

It’s all a balancing act, isn’t it? Is the problem really a problem? If so, tell me how you think we could fix it.⠀

Just something I’m thinking about.

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Pat Barber

Pat Barber

You might know me from the CrossFit Games, where I’ve competed since 2008, but I have also been the Head of Coaches Development for one of the largest CrossFits in the world. I have the honor of being one of the few L4 coaches, and I still love teaching L1s and L2s for CFHQ (I’ve put about 15,000 coaches through their L1’s). I'm husband to the most wonderful woman in the world, and a father who loves surfing, Magic: The Gathering, knife making and good coffee.

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