Coaching Challenge: Make Contact

Pat Barber Coaching Challenge, Coaching Development

During today’s workout, as you cruise through the group, make sure you touch base with each and every person at least once.⠀

You can make contact in a variety of ways.⠀

Call them by name and give them a cue.⠀

Walk up and watch them.⠀

Make eye contact and encourage them to speed it up or push harder.⠀

Check for safety, ROM issues, inefficient movement, if they’re going too fast/slow, and if they need motivation.⠀

Just make contact in whatever way they need in the moment. With every person in the class. At least once.⠀

To kick it up a notch, go for 3. Make contact at least 3 times with each and every person.

Good luck out there.⠀May the force be with you.