GPP Is Not CrossFit

Pat Barber GPP


Let’s quickly define some terms to make conversations on “What is GPP?” and “What is CrossFit?” easier and more effective.

The comparison between CrossFit and GPP reminds me of the saying, “Not all whiskey is bourbon but all bourbon is whiskey.” Don’t know if that helps drive it home or complicates it more. :)

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You might know me from the CrossFit Games, where I’ve competed since 2008, but I have also been the Head of Coaches Development for one of the largest CrossFits in the world. I have the honor of being one of the few L4 coaches, and I still love teaching L1s and L2s for CFHQ (I’ve put about 15,000 coaches through their L1’s). I'm husband to the most wonderful woman in the world, and a father who loves surfing, Magic: The Gathering, knife making and good coffee.

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