Good Leadership

Pat Barber Coaching Development

If your gym culture is about who’s right, then it follows that it’s also about who’s wrong. When the time comes, they’ll be looking for the person to blame and shame. ⠀

Quick, who’s fault is this? Who can we scapegoat?⠀

Instead, let’s create a culture built around a solid value system.⠀

This way, everyone is on the same page.⠀

The team moves as one force, a collective of individuals working together to achieve a mission or vision.⠀

They share the same ‘why.’⠀

They want to achieve the same goals.⠀

There’s no time to get distracted by who’s right and who’s wrong.⠀

That doesn’t matter.⠀

The mission, the “why,” is what matters.⠀

Doing the right thing is what matters.⠀

If one person succeeds, everyone succeeds. If one person fails, everyone owns their part in the failure.

One person’s shoulders do not carry the weight. Neither does one carry the glory.⠀

These are the types of teams we all want to build. And we believe it starts with focusing more on the values/priorities/mission of your facility. ⠀

Why are you open? What do you want to achieve with your community? What do you want to offer people? More than a workout?⠀

Does your team share your ‘why’?⠀