End of Three Fitness Podcast, Ep. 47

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Jerred Moon, of End of Three Fitness, is a strength and conditioning coach who runs a business and podcast focused on developing better humans. He coaches and writes programming, but his goals go beyond getting people healthier. He wants people to move more, be more productive, be more positive, and think critically. We both want people to be stronger, faster, smarter, kinder and happier. And we both believe we can help people be better humans by coaching fitness because we both understand that coaches coach people through a lot more than just deadlifts. We are counselors, mentors and friends to those who trust us.

So I was excited to go on his podcast and talk about building better humans. In the interview, I discuss:
– My thoughts on the L2 and L3 seminars.
– Why I believe awareness, or paying attention to how people respond to you, is the key to jumping ahead as a coach.
– Emotional intelligence (EQ) and coaching.
– My favorite Games memories.
– Why I believe in always assuming positive intent.
– My one tip for becoming a better coach (and human).

You can listen to the podcast episode here.

And please let me know what you think about the interview!

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Pat Barber

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