For CrossFit Coaches: Passion vs. Purpose

Pat Barber Coaching Development

We might even change the quote to “Working hard for something we love is called purpose.”

With passion vs. purpose, we’re talking about the difference between a wildfire and a controlled burn.

Passion is wonderful. It’s the spark, the fire, the thing that keeps you going. It burns hot.

But it can burn out, or burn you out, and take over everything. It can ruin you.

Purpose, on the other hand, is more clear-headed, more controlled.

It is a combination of passion and reason. Or, perhaps, it is passion tempered by reason.

There’s strategy, planning, logic. There is a balance. Between the drive and the design. Between determination and intention. Between action and contemplation.

When people think of passion, they often think of enthusiasm or motivation. They think of forward motion.

With purpose, we’re asked to stand still and think about why we’re doing what we’re doing. What’s the point? Where’s the impact? And then once we have that answer, we can give energy to that ‘why’ with passion.⠀

As a coach or gym owner, what’s your why? ⠀

And, how do you feel about passion vs. purpose? How do these two forces show up in your life?