Coaching Not Fun Anymore?

Pat Barber Coaching Development

Fun is contagious.

As coaches, our goal is to make people forget about their lives for an hour and just “be” in our space.

This means we need to give them a good show and deliver a great experience. If we are having fun in our job and community, so shall all who interact with us. The energy we put out, we will get back.

If you’re not having fun coaching because you’re bored with the monotony, then we challenge you to identify your default (or go-to) cues, substitutions and scales, and then ban yourself from using them. Challenge yourself to use new cues, scales and subs.

If that doesn’t work, try harder to personalize your cues, targets, etc.

Also, try to connect more with people. Treat their goals as your goals and invest yourself in their success. We find that when we focus less on ourselves, and more on others, boredom sort of fades away. So focusing on the lives, the goals and the struggles of our members and other coaches can be a great way to renew our interest in what we do and why we do it.

If you’re not having fun because you’re overworked or burnt out, talk with your team about taking a few days to refresh. Or maybe you need to switch it up a little and help with a specialty club, start a new club, or take a few days to shadow someone in a related field (nutritionist, etc.) so that you can deepen your knowledge of a subject and bring what you’ve learned back to your community. Come up with a few solutions and bring them to your team.

Because, ultimately, how much fun you’re having at work is up to you.