CrossFitters In Cars, Episode 3

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I recently kidnapped Mike Cazayoux and drove him around Santa Cruz to pick his brain on mindset and coaching tactics. As you probably already know, Mike is the CEO and Director of Strength and Conditioning for Brute Strength. Yes, his apartment is made of rich mahogany. And yes, he is kind of a big deal.

Here’s what we discussed —

Question #1 (7:45)
How do you deal with athletes who constantly beat themselves up?

Question #2 (20:28)
How do you prevent burnout?

Question #3 (29:33)
When encouraging intensity, why would you push someone to do a big set only to fight fatigue through the finish?

Question #4 (36:09)
What are some tactics for getting more clients into the gym?

Question #5 (48:28)
What are the most important qualities to have if you want to be a programmer or coach?

Mike’s Instagram
Brute Strength
Mike’s podcast episode with Justin Suá (the Mental Skills Coordinator for the Boston Red Sox)

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CrossFitters In Cars, Episode 2

Pat Barber Coaching, CrossFitters in Cars, Gym Management

I recently flew down to Texas and spent 3 days at a CrossFit L-1 Seminar with a bunch of crazy awesome fools. Then I jumped in the car with Matt Chan, Abi Grove and Matt Lodin to drive Nadia Shatila to the airport. They were kind enough, even after a tiring few days of work and travel, to answer a few questions about coaching and life.

But before I jump into what we discussed, here’s a little background on our carpool —

Matt Chan is a Level 4 Coach who originally took up CrossFit to help improve his endurance as a Denver area firefighter. After four Top 10 finishes at the CrossFit Games (including the runner-up slot in 2012), Chan became a full-time athlete and one of the most popular and knowledgeable veterans in the sport. The man is a beast — he was back squatting 445lbs just five months after a terrible mountain biking accident that could have cost him his leg.

Abi Grove/Dickerson is a powerlifter who trains at Louie Simmons’ Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio, a no-nonsense gym where elite powerlifters train to break world records. Her all-time squat PR is 450… she is amazing!

Matt Lodin is a Level 3 Coach at CrossFit 760 in San Diego. He played collegiate lacrosse at UCSD and got involved with CrossFit right out of school. He also consistently places top 20 at Regionals.

Nadia Shatila is a Level 4 coach and the owner of CrossFit Belltown in Seattle. She’s an ex-gymnastics competitor (on the national level), Top 5 CrossFit Games finisher and one of the most organized and detail-oriented people I know.

BEFORE YOU PRESS PLAY: There is a lot of explicit language in this one. Probably not safe for work. There, I said it — you’ve been warned. :)

Here are the questions we discuss (thanks to all who contributed!):

Question #1 (00:32)
How do you deal with negative clients and owners who create a toxic environment?

Question #2 (5:06)
What is your opinion on programming a strength session before every metcon?

* We don’t go in-depth here. That said, listen to Abi. She knows what she’s talking about. If you want to hear more about this subject, listen to this interview where I talk with CrossFit by Design about Abi’s answer and why Taz and I don’t program a strength + metcon every day.

Question #3 (05:53)
How do you balance life, business and training?

Question #4 (10:18)
How do you stay motivated when every day feels like Groundhog’s Day?

Question #5 (18:18)
When it comes to retaining clients, what’s the most important thing you should do?

And that’s all folks! Thanks for giving the episode a listen. As always, if I share anything that doesn’t work for you, please take what you can use and throw the rest away.

Matt Chan’s Instagram and competitor programming: Train for the Win
Abi’s Instagram and CrossFit’s “Meet Abi Grove” video
Nadia’s Instagram

And remember — to keep the show going, we need new questions! Yes, from YOU. So bring it!