At-Home Workouts: Go Slower, Move Better

Pat Barber Coaching, Covid-19

It’s friggin awesome that so many programmers are providing communities with at-home workouts throughout Covid-19. Amidst uncertainty and fear, we’ve seen incredible generosity. And my gosh at the resiliency and adaptability — affiliates have changed their business models and systems in the span of one week.

As we move to at-home workouts, I want to point out the #1 problem with home gym training: Repetition of movement patterns.

We all know that a lack of variance ultimately leads to overuse.

I lay out some quick and easy solutions in this video.

To sum it up (for you skimmers): Move better, go slower, hit those end ranges.


Resources mentioned in the video

Kelly Starrett’s The Ready State

Active Life’s Bulletproof Programs — Read about Sean’s “Support Your Gym” initiative on Instagram where you get $50 off all their programs (Shoulders, Hips, Back, etc.) and then they mail that $50 to the gym of your choice.

Additional Resources

How We’re Adjusting Our Session Plans During Covid-19

A Preview of an At-Home Workout Session Plan

Also, we’re giving everyone free at-home workouts throughout Covid-19. You can see the master list of at-home workouts here (we’ll update this blog post as we release new PDFs). There’s no need to give us your email or anything. We’re not trying to add your name to a sales funnel. You can grab the PDFs and immediately start planning your clients’ workouts. What you get is 6 workouts a week with movement demonstration videos. It’s a solid foundation you can build on. (Members of WUWO get a more in-depth daily video, customized warmup, and bonus programs to challenge folks and keep them moving, like a push-up program. Which you can see here.)

Why We’re Moving to Choose a Fair Price — We’ve transitioned our Gym Program to a Pay What You Want-ish model indefinitely.


Wanna see a session plan?

Take a look at the plan for July 4, 2020

1-Day Preview

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