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Pat Barber GPP, WUWO

We’ve received a lot of questions about 30-minute CrossFit classes — bootcamps, low-gear workouts, etc. — and we’d like to share our thoughts on where they fit in an affiliate space. Then, if you’ve stuck around, we’d like to tell you a little about our new program.


The highlights:

  • Ask yourself why you want to start a 30-minute CrossFit class. What’s its purpose or end state?
    • Is it a stepping stone to a regular class membership? Are you trying to lower barriers and make your gym more welcoming to outsiders? Are you trying to build trust and get people to buy-in?
      • These classes are not long-term solutions. People don’t stay with these programs for years and years. So how will you move them up? Can you run 30-min classes alongside normal classes so people can see what those sessions are like?
    • Do you need this program to create significant revenue?
      • Will you use it as a funnel to get more people through the door and then convert them to a regular membership? What does that funnel look like, and what systems will you put in place to track members and help them graduate?
      • And, if you plan to use these classes for retention (that is, to keep people around who might not have the time to work out for a full hour right now), how does this program deliver what they need? If you want to offer a solution for people who love your gym but are experiencing some big changes — changing careers, having new kiddos, caretaking for parents, etc. — this can be a great program for those transition times in life, or a bonus/perk for regular paying members who might want to do both the 30-min classes and regular 60-min classes.

Our New Program

There have been a lot of transitions for us over the past few years. Recently, we brought our third child into the world. And with that, it’s become increasingly difficult to consistently make it into an affiliate to workout.

The reason why we haven’t entered the individual programming space, even though we’ve been coaching for quite some time, is that we couldn’t connect with it. Working out at home wasn’t our life.

But it is now.

To help others in those in-between times, we created Outside the Box. It’s 30-minute fitness (including a warmup) that you can do anywhere, and all you need to get started is a pair of dumbbells.

We believe that if you want to get the fittest you can be, you need to find a local CrossFit affiliate you like, and then regularly attend classes. But we also understand that for some people, that’s not possible. Maybe they’re short on time, on cash, or they live too far away.

So…why does this matter to affiliates and gym owners?

We’re giving members of WUWO free access to Outside the Box workouts so that you can use them if you want to.

To find the workouts, log in to your Member Dashboard –> Info –> Member Resources –> Outside the Box.

We’ll post the workouts there every month so you can play around with them.

If you’re curious about how our beliefs and values translate to the 30-min fitness space, or why we’re offering individual programming now, here are some videos and blog posts that might help answer some of your questions:

  1. Fitting In Fitness
  2. What Fitness Means to Us Now
  3. The Problem with Dumbbell Workouts

We still believe in GPP. We still believe in coaches. Our definition of fitness is still the same.

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Pat Barber

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