143 Icebreaker Questions for Classes

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There’s a quick and easy way to set the mood for a class and make CrossFit less intimidating to new members — it’s called the “Question of the Day.”

And here’s how it works: While your members are circled-up before the workout, ask them an icebreaker question and then have them state their name and answer. I’ve learned that it’s best to avoid complicated questions that make people think too hard, so that things move quickly and stay fun.

“Hi, my name’s Derek. And my favorite karaoke song is ‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton.”

Once you’ve delivered the icebreaker, just wait … things might get a little weird. Pickle and mayonnaise sandwiches, troll doll collections, Magic: The Gathering… you never know what might come up. Point is: icebreakers set a fun tone for the class, even when wall balls are involved.

These questions also help with learning members’ names, building and strengthening the community, and providing a more welcoming environment. Because let’s face it, it’s hard enough just to show up at a gym, never mind the extra anxiety of being new or feeling like an outsider.

So test the waters by throwing a Question of the Day at your people. Share some laughs. Embrace what unique snowflakes we all are. And then make them sweat — hard.

Questions of the Day

For Your Next CrossFit Class
  1. Where were you born?
  2. What’s your middle name?
  3. Share one weird fact about yourself.
  4. What was the first car you owned?
  5. How many siblings do you have and what are their names?
  6. If you could pick another eye color for yourself, which color would you choose?
  7. If you could rename yourself, what name would you choose?
  8. Tell us about one of your favorite moments/experiences/memories.
  9. Where did you go to high school?
  10. How many students were in your graduating class?
  11. What’s your number one fear or phobia?
  12. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  13. What’s your favorite holiday?
  14. What’s your least favorite holiday?
  15. What’s your favorite non-traditional holiday?
  16. How did you get that scar? Pick one and explain it.
  17. Who is/was the oldest person you ever knew? How old are/were they?
  18. What’s your profession?
  19. What was your first pet’s name?
  20. Dogs or cats?
  21. If you could be an animal, what would you be?
  22. What’s something you are passionate about?
  23. What’s your genetic heritage?
  24. Would you rather meet your ancestors or descendants?
  25. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  26. If you could magically gain one skill without working for it, what would it be?
  27. What’s your sign?
  28. What was your favorite class in school/college?
  29. Do you have any pets?
  30. Name one life goal.
  31. Name one goal for this year.
  32. If you could live one day over again, what day would you pick?
  33. If you were sent to live on a space station for three months and allowed to bring only one personal item with you, what would it be?
  34. What do you do when you’re procrastinating? (Name your go-to distractions.)
  35. If you had one extra hour of free time every day, how would you use it?
  36. What is one nickname you have?
  37. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?
  38. If you were a teacher, what would you teach?
  39. What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received?
  40. What’s the best gift someone could give you today?
  41. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
  42. What household chore do you dislike the most?
  43. If you were a boxer, what entrance or walk-up song would you play?
  44. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
  45. You’re stranded on a desert island for a year. Would you rather be alone or with someone you don’t like?
  46. If you could instantly become fluent in another language, which language would you choose?
  47. What’s your favorite tradition (family, holiday, etc.)?
  48. Tell us about the best birthday you’ve ever had.
  49. What haircut did you have in high school?
  50. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
  51. What was one fun thing you did this weekend?
  52. If you had to get a tattoo (no choice here) and it had to be larger than 3 inch by 3 inch, and you could never have it removed, what would you get and where would you get it?
  53. If you had a time machine for the weekend, where would you go?
  54. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  55. What’s your favorite vacation spot?
  56. Where did you last vacation?
  57. Where do you hope to live when you retire?
  58. What’s your favorite town/city in the world?
  59. What’s your dream job?
  60. If you had 10 million dollars, how would you spend it?
  61. Name one thing you are super proud of.
  62. What’s your primary goal in life?
  63. If you could solve one world problem, what would it be?
  64. Why do you CrossFit?
  65. What CrossFit movement is the hardest for you?
  66. What CrossFit movement do you dislike the most?
  67. What’s your favorite movement in CrossFit?
  68. Name one fitness goal that you have.
  69. What’s your favorite sport to watch?
  70. What’s your favorite sport to play?
  71. If you could magically master one CrossFit movement, which would it be?
  72. How long have you been doing CrossFit?
  73. What was the last sport you played? CrossFit doesn’t count.
  74. What did you do for fitness before CrossFit?
  75. What’s your favorite water activity?
  76. What is your favorite thing to do outside?
  77. If you could observe any animal in its natural habitat, what would you choose?
  78. If you could tame one wild animal to be your companion, what animal would you choose?
  79. What is one thing you do for fun?
  80. What was the last book you read?
  81. What’s your favorite book?
  82. What’s your favorite mythical creature of all time?
  83. Name your favorite cartoon.
  84. Who’s your favorite superhero?
  85. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
  86. Would you rather have the ability to be invisible or to read minds?
  87. Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?
  88. If you could be a superhero, who would it be?
  89. If you could spend a day with one person from history, who would it be?
  90. What person from history would you want to workout with?
  91. If you could invite 1 famous person to dinner, who would you choose?
  92. What celebrity do you dislike the most?
  93. What’s your exotic dancer name? [Formula: Name of your first pet (Bubbles) + Street you grew up on (Altamont) = Bubbles Altamont.] *Only use this if you know your audience well.
  94. If a movie was being made about your life and you could choose the actor/actress to play you, who would you choose?
  95. Name the most famous person you’ve seen or met in person.
  96. What’s your favorite movie?
  97. What’s your favorite TV show?
  98. What’s your favorite comedy?
  99. What’s you favorite action movie?
  100. When was the last time you cried?
  101. Name one movie you think sucks.
  102. What’s your favorite board/card/table game?
  103. What was the last song you listened to?
  104. What’s your favorite workout music?
  105. What’s your favorite song right now?
  106. What music did you listen to in high school?
  107. If you had to sing Karaoke, what song would you choose?
  108. Name a song that makes you really angry when it gets stuck in your head (and won’t go away).
  109. If you were given an amazing singing voice for 5 minutes, what song would you sing?
  110. What music do you listen to when you’re driving?
  111. If you could magically have the ability to play one instrument, what would you choose? Singing counts.
  112. What was the first live concert you ever attended?
  113. What was the first record or cd that you bought?
  114. What’s your favorite cheat meal?
  115. What’s your favorite food?
  116. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
  117. What’s your favorite dessert?
  118. What is your favorite thing to order at a Mexican restaurant?
  119. What’s your least favorite spice or seasoning?
  120. What’s your go-to restaurant when you don’t want to cook?
  121. What was the last thing you ate?
  122. Name your favorite protein source.
  123. Name your favorite carb source.
  124. Name your favorite fat source.
  125. Name your favorite alcoholic beverage.
  126. What’s your favorite recovery drink? (non-alcoholic)
  127. Name your favorite local breakfast spot.
  128. What’s your favorite breakfast food?
  129. What’s your weakness with food? What do you crave?
  130. What’s your favorite chip flavor?
  131. What’s your favorite “healthy snack”?
  132. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
  133. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  134. What’s your favorite unusual food combination?
  135. When you went trick-or-treating as a kid, what was your favorite candy to get? And what was your least favorite?
  136. If you could eat at only one restaurant for the next year, which would it be?
  137. Name your favorite fruit.
  138. Name your favorite pizza.
  139. What’s your favorite cheese?
  140. What’s your favorite cooking spice?
  141. What’s your favorite sandwich?
  142. What is your morning drink of choice?
  143. What’s your favorite dish to cook for friends?

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