30 Workout Finishers

For when you accidentally finish class early

  • Pat Barber | CrossFit | Warmup & Workout
  • Pat and Taz Barber | Warmup & Workout
  • Taz Barber and Jason Khalipa | Warmup & Workout

Who wrote the finishers?

Taz Barber opened and ran the very first CrossFit gym in New Zealand after getting a BSc in Sports Science and a BA in Psychology at the University of Auckland. She’s competed in the CrossFit Games 4 times, and before she became a mom, she was on the Level 1 Seminar Staff team. Taz has been writing detailed session plans for coaches for over 10 years.

Pat Barber is a L4 CrossFit Coach who works with CrossFit on the Level 1 and Level 2 seminars. He was previously the Head of Coaches Development at NorCal CrossFit where he managed 60+ coaches in the Bay Area. You might know him from the CrossFit Games, where he’s competed since 2008, but that’s not his main focus. Most of his time is spent coaching classes or traveling around the world to consult affiliates and lead workshops for CrossFit coaches and affiliate owners.

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