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How We Adjusted to COVID-19

With every workout, you get 3 workout options (Competitor, Rxd, Fitness) plus a Partially Loaded track for at-home workouts. We're also providing plenty of modifications or alternatives so that no matter your regulations or set-up, you can deliver a fantastic class experience.

What a plan looks like

To make things easier on you and to help your coaches up their game, we give you detailed coaching notes, the "why" behind the workout, goals and modifications for every fitness level, explainer videos, and customized warmups.

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Pat Barber

Pat is an L4 CrossFit Coach who travels the world consulting affiliates and leading workshops for CrossFit coaches. He's put about 15,000 coaches through their L1's. He was previously the Head of Coaches Development at NorCal CrossFit, where he managed 60+ coaches in the Bay Area. More about Pat...


Taz Barber

Taz opened and ran the very first CrossFit affiliate in New Zealand after getting a BSc in Sports Science and a BA in Psychology at the University of Auckland. She’s competed in the CrossFit Games 4 times, and before she became a mom, she was on the Level 1 Seminar Staff team. More about Taz...



Session planning is more than just programming.

We write session plans to be used as a coaching development tool.

Session plans are study guides. As coaches read through the plans, they learn new ways to teach movements, they are forced beyond their comfort zones, they are stripped of their default substitutions and scales, they are challenged to coach differently. We give coaches the focus, the “why,” scales that preserve the stimulus, goals for each skill level, details, explanations, and briefs.


We want to keep your members fit for life.

As a fitness-biased program, we aim to get your members as strong as they can be, without specializing or sacrificing other skills.

We believe the aim of a good GPP program should be to get people fit without wearing down their bodies or over stressing any one area. And, of course, to physically prepare them for whatever the world throws their way. Because we program for GPP, we generally only have one true focus every day.

If you look at a session plan, you will see that each plan has a general warmup, skill work, a workout and cool down. Yes, there are different components to a session, but those pieces are not all workouts in themselves. There is, for the most part, one workout and then all the other pieces are built around it, to support it. A major problem with the strength + metcon formula is that one session can include two to three workouts. When there are multiple workouts every day, there is little to no time to learn, practice, rest or coach. We see this as one of the biggest problems with many “CrossFit” programs — there are just too many workouts packed into one session. Our session plans are written by coaches for coaches, so we don’t pack a session so full that coaches can’t do what they do best: coach.

We program for decades of fitness, not just right here, right now. This is a long game.

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What Our Members Are Saying
Real world examples of switching to WUWO
  • "I just wanted to share some data with you. We’ve been using WUWO since April. We took a little heat when we went from what we had been doing, which was strength + metcon or the occasional skill + metcon, to the traditional CrossFit model that is WUWO.

    Over the last two days, I believe we completely silenced the critics.

    On Tuesday, of 20 athletes with previous Annie times, 19 PR’d. On Wednesday, of 68 athletes that came through our doors (roughly a third of our membership), 66 set a 1 rep max if they had not previously recorded one (brand new members) or PR’d. Myself included with a 5lb lifetime PR of 420. This is a mix of new athletes and athletes that have been with us since we started in our garage a little over two years ago. Thank you again for the awesome service you provide."

  • "I would just like to say thank you for your amazingly detailed programming. We are just heading into our 6th year of affiliation, and this is the first time we have ever outsourced programming. Before, I had always seen it as cheating and I assumed I had to program to be a good coach. I was nervous about what the members would think when we told them.

    BUT!!! Since we signed up with Warmup & Workout at the beginning of 2016: Our membership has doubled. We have hired a new full-time coach. We have time to focus on coaching instead of programming. We have become better coaches, as we are coaching classes that take us out of our comfort zone. And my husband and I have a little more time together to spend with our family. It has been a massive success, and we would like to thank you for making our lives a lot easier and our members happier."

  • "I’m a biased-program coach, so for the 7 years I’ve been programming, I totally went against what they teach us in the L1.

    I never did mono days or gymnastics days. I love lifting heavy and slow, and frankly, CrossFit hurts, running sucks and gymnastics progressions are slow and boring. So I program the way I workout.

    I totally missed the chance to develop well-rounded humans. At first, I was worried. The meatheads in the gym grumbled because we were following a non-biased program. I had no idea that I was actually injuring people — barbells every day, squats 2x a week, Olympic lifts… The general public doesn’t need that, and class, the way you program it, is healthy long-term and FUN.

    Now my clients love it. Injuries went way down. And people feel better. I’ll never switch."

  • "I have to admit that when I first opened in 2011, I tried to fit as much as possible into each class, as this is the way it had been in my old box. It was a fear of mine when I first signed up for your programming. What I realise now, after also completing the Level 2, is that it was too much.

    Programming strength and a metcon left little time for an appropriate warm up and little time for coaching. Using your programming and what I learned at the Level 2 has brought a whole new feeling to the box.

    Our members are learning new skills and getting stronger and moving better because we have the time to coach them during the warm-up and workout prep. Our membership still continues to grow, and our athletes are happy.

    I even said to my partner last night that I do not know how we fit strength and a metcon in before. It was crazy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Taz for the programming. It has saved us lots of time to focus on training new coaches and building the business."

  • "The programming has been on point. I have made some considerable gains since starting a few months ago. My front squat 1RM is up to 355, triple at 325 with my previous 1RM being at 305. I’ve made some considerable improvements with my shoulder stability and strength even with torn labrums. Squat snatch was only at 170 but has since gone up to 205. I really appreciate your help. You guys have been awesome."
  • "We have been in business for nearly 9 years, and programming has always been the thorn in our side. Our programming has certainly been progressive, but so has the time dedication.

    WUWO came directly off the heels of our Level 2 Certification. Our change of coaching style blended seamlessly with our new programming. Having a complete daily syllabus to follow takes all the logistics out of our hands. We simply execute!

    A piece of the puzzle we didn’t see coming is the ease of mind knowing that our athletes are taken care of when we aren’t coaching ourselves. We train our coaches to follow the daily syllabus with precision, adding their flair, knowledge, and energy. This has created an entirely different atmosphere.

    The response from our athletes has been all positive. They are enjoying the warm ups and mobility. The WOD’s have more focus, so athletes have increased their intensity without sacrificing form.

    As a small business, paying for programming has never been in the cards. Making the decision to go with WUWO has been a great decision. The time that was dedicated to programming each month can now be divided into coaching energy and personal time."


The Gym Program's Monthly Focus

Every month, we like to challenge members to improve skills that are difficult for the majority.


We usually incorporate some accessory work in the regular program, but this month, we are making it a focus and have 12 sessions (6 that are repeated). The regions we are focusing on this month are the hips/legs, upper/arms, and midline (rotation). The first 6 sessions will allow for your athletes to get a feel for the movements, and the second set of 6 sessions will be where they will adapt and challenge themselves.


Our goal is to maximize performance for the Open Workouts on Fridays. Since this year is a little different and there are only 3 workouts (versus the traditional 5), we have added a few extra benchmarks throughout the month. We have Randy, Lyla and the Bear Complex in store, along with a workout and some WUWO original benchmarks. For those social distancing, we have made an effort to give alternate options to accommodate the ‘square’. With an at-home option too.

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