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Programming for Affiliates and Gyms

You get comprehensive session plans,
which are blueprints or templates
for 30 to 60-minute sessions.

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Warmup And Workout: Affiliate Programming For Gyms


  • 7 session plans per week
  • 3 difficulty levels for every workout
  • A customized warmup for each session
  • Time breakdowns for each section
Gym Program
Warmup And Workout: Competitor Programming Add-on
  • 5 session plans per week
  • 30-60 minutes of training volume to be performed in addition to Rxd or Competitor workouts (from Gym Program)
Competitor Program
Warmup And Workout: Oly Programming Add-on


  • 2-3 session plans per week
  • 60-90 minutes of training volume to be performed in addition to Rxd or Competitor workouts (from Gym Program); can also be used as a stand alone program
Oly Program
Kids Program - Warmup and Workout


  • For ages 7 – 12
  • 5 session plans per week
  • 2 difficulty levels for every workout
  • 30-minute sessions
Kids Program
Teens Program - Warmup and Workout
  • For ages 12 – 18
  • 5 session plans per week
  • 2 difficulty levels for every workout
  • 45-minute sessions
Teens Program

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GPP Programming

GPP is short for general physical preparedness, and it is used to boost your ability levels across all areas of fitness. It is the opposite of SPP, or specific physical preparedness, which is used to increase your capacity in one area of fitness.

The problem with SPP is that you end up “specializing” in whatever you decide to train. And when you specialize, you lose capacity in other areas. If you are too good at strength, you will probably have limited cardio ability (and vice versa). This is why many professional athletes’ training consists of both SPP and GPP — they are trying to round out their physicality, but need to be great at their one thing. For the general public, who are not competing in any sport, GPP is by far the best option because they are training to be more fit for life and the world doesn’t cater to specificity.

CrossFit prides itself on the fact that its athletes train and prepare for the unexpected:

“Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.” – Greg Glassman

And that’s exactly what GPP-type training does — GPP workouts are designed to improve your overall fitness, stability, strength, mobility, speed, and flexibility.

To keep with GPP and avoid specialization, we built a program that makes your members perform a wide variety of movements, time domains, and rep schemes.

We do not program strength and metcon into every session. We do not cram everything we can into an hour just to make people happy. We do not program super hard workouts just to beat people up. We do not glorify lifting or gymnastics or endurance at the expense of one another.

Instead, we prioritize variance. Which makes for a more efficient, more adaptive athlete who’s prepared for the challenges life may throw at them.

We also program in such a way that no matter what days of the week your clients come in, they will be receiving a well-rounded stimulus, and every member will be seeing growth across every aspect of fitness.

Session Planning

We are the only programmers who write session plans.

A session plan is a template or guide for coaching a fitness class — it leads you from warmup to 3-2-1-Go! You get a workout with multiple levels of difficulty, a structured warmup built specifically for the workout, coaching notes with strategies and tips, and time breakdowns for each piece.

Coaches are happy because they get to focus on coaching. Owners are less stressed because they know their members are receiving consistent, quality programming (from class-to-class and coach-to-coach). And members of all fitness abilities are stoked because they improve across the board.

This is what a session plan looks like

This screenshot of a session plan will give you an idea of what you can expect. Some plans are lengthy and thorough, and some are short-and-sweet like this one. The orange “(video)” text opens videos from our movement library, which is only available to members.

I would trust Pat and Taz with my own gym.Kelly Starrett

Pat Barber is a CrossFit Coach and the Head of Coaches Development at NorCal CrossFit. You might know him from the CrossFit Games, where he’s competed since 2008, but that’s not his main focus. Most of his time is spent coaching classes around the Bay Area, or traveling around the world to consult affiliates and lead workshops for CrossFit coaches and affiliate owners. Moreover, Pat has put about 15,000 coaches through their L1’s and is a certified L4 Coach, a title earned by only 90 people worldwide.

Taz Barber opened and ran the very first CrossFit gym in New Zealand after getting a BSc in Sports Science and a BA in Psychology at the University of Auckland. She’s competed in the CrossFit Games 4 times, and before she became a mom, she was on the Level 1 Seminar Staff team. These days you can find her at NorCal CrossFit co-leading the Coaches Development program or coaching classes in the Bay Area.

(If you’re still not convinced we’re up to the task, read more about us here.)


“WUWO puts out consistent high-quality programming that, when coupled with the detailed session plans, allows your coaches to deliver a superior service to the average affiliate out there in today’s market. We have members hitting lifetime PRs and breaking through long training plateaus and I know that switching over to an unbiased GPP had a lot to do with it. The entire CFME staff agrees that the WUWO session plans are one of the keystone tools that allow us to be the best in Las Vegas.”

Zach Forrest
Owner of CrossFit Max Effort
Las Vegas

“I really just wanted to say thank you. The box I go to in London has been using your programming for the last few months and I can’t overstate how much I am enjoying it and how much it has improved my crossfit/fitness. So many boxes these days follow a standard template of a strength movement followed by a metcon, that seemingly has had no thought put into it, other than it needs to be a beat down that leaves you dead on the floor for the sake of it. Whilst at first looks I had concerns about your programme not containing enough strength work or gymnastics skills, having now followed it for a few months it is amazing how it is all covered and I have improved across the board – far more so than when I was following a strength followed by metcon style programme.”

London, England

“Thanks for a solid program and an opportunity to build a better community without the stress and time constraint of working on programing. Super stoked you guys are putting out a competitors, teen, and kids program and I feel like I could definitely build on our community by utilizing the teen or even the kids programing. On another note, I would also like to give you guys some credit on your program because we had some first time competitors from our gym take home a first place finish in the novice division. Super proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zone and really push themselves. The first thing they said was that they felt like they were prepared for anything and that nothing was really out of their wheel house. ‘So much variety in our training definitely prepared us for anything.’ So again, thanks you guys.”

Shane Scarbrough
903 Pride
Whitesboro, Texas

“I gotta say I am EXTREMELY happy with my decision to give you and your service a try! It is honestly the best thing I could have done. The program is thorough, planned and completely all inclusive. It’s helps me get so much more done as a box owner, as I am running this show alone.”

Nicholas Caracandas
L-2 Coach at City Bowl Fitness
Cape Town, South Africa

“Thank you so very much. With the help of your program since we started using it back in the very beginning, our member base grew so much that we needed to build a bigger box! We are 2 weeks into our new space (that is triple the size of our old box) and these new additions to the program are just going to take us to the next level! A lot of our members have been wanting more and the competitor program is going to give them just that! We also want to roll out CrossFit Kids sometime after June so this is most perfect. It’s like you read our minds! I have tears in my eyes of excitement!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!”

Tia Robertson
Manager of CrossFit 786
Queensland, Australia

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